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1 died Oct 2005 Source (S431)
2 Dover War Memorial website Source (S725)
3 Electoral Register for Frankston, Victoria Source (S1201)
4 Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll, 1914-1919 Source (S1377)
5 Scottish National War Memorial Source (S1378)
6 TYPE: Baptism register Source (S1474)
7 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: H.King (father) Source (S1491)
8 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: Harriet Chapmant the Mother Source (S1487)
9 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: J.A.King the Mother Source (S1468)
10 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: Jane King,(mother). Source (S1482)
11 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: Mary Ann Argent (mother) Source (S1480)
12 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: Mary Ann Argent the Mother Source (S1493)
13 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: mother Source (S1475)
14 TYPE: Birth Certificate INFT: Robert Argent (father) Source (S1485)
15 TYPE: CD ROM VOL: BPI/02 DATE: September 18th 2008 Source (S1488)
16 TYPE: Death Certificate DATE: June 3 1863 PLAC: Union workhouse Stanway ESSEX. INFT: Elizabeth Sawyer,present at the death,union workhouse,Stanway. Source (S1495)
17 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: B.M.smith,daughter,present at death. DATE: October 3 1949 Source (S1484)
18 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Beatrice Potter widow of deceased. Present at the death. Source (S1471)
19 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: H King Father present at the death. Source (S1467)
20 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: H King the Father, present at the death Source (S1469)
21 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: H.King,widower of deceased ,present at the death. Source (S1481)
22 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Jame Amelia King, the daugher, present at the death Source (S1486)
23 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Joseph Argent, widowe of the deceased, present at the death. Source (S1489)
24 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Laura Burton,daughter-in-law. Source (S1479)
25 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Paul Burton Source (S1473)
26 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Peter James Hickford. Son Source (S1492)
27 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Victor Ernest Burton - Son Source (S1476)
28 TYPE: Death Certificate INFT: Winifre Jane Hickford, his widow. Source (S1490)
29 TYPE: E-Mail Message Source (S1458)
30 TYPE: E-Mail Message DATE: October 29th 2007 Source (S1466)
31 TYPE: Mailing list information Source (S1460)
32 TYPE: Marriage Certificate Source (S1501)
33 TYPE: Parish Baptism Register Source (S1457)
34 TYPE: Parish Lookups Source (S1483)
35 TYPE: Parish Marriage Register DATE: April 29th 1950 Source (S1499)
36 TYPE: Shared information DATE: October 2007 Source (S1472)
37 TYPE: Web Site,I.G.I Source (S1456)