Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world


    January 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Robert Victor JONES   Maria BICKNELL   Charlotte Elizabeth NEWMAN   Royston George NEWMAN   Hattie Laura VAN SLYKE   John NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Mary WHITE   Lettice SADLER   Sarah NEWMAN   Hannah FREEMAN   Brian Alan NEWMAN   Jeffrey T. DOWN   Mary NEWMAN   Ruth BRIDGMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Dorothy Ida HORN   Alexander NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Ann BIGNALL   Eliza MYALL   Thomas NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Elizabeth HARVEY   Mary COLE   Charles NEWMAN   Elizabeth Alice Bell NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Enoch Martin NEWMAN   Ann LEE   Eliza MOULTON   Lavinia TAYLOR   Thersea Mary NEWMAN   William DELLER   Ann ?   Margaret FORSTER   Dorothy LOVE   Penelope NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Mary   Ann PARTRIDGE   Sarah NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Fanny SMITH   John NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Martha   Samuel NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Florence Harriett MILLER   William Westhrop NEWMAN   Anne NEWMAN   Martha DENHAM   Annie PULHAM   Ellen NEWMAN   Percy Harry NEWMAN   William WARE   Joseph Gower NEWMAN   Amy Josephine NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Susan NEAL   Kenneth Henry NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Frances BURT   Elizabeth HARRADINE   Mary ENGLISH   Brian Robert NEWMAN   Henry George NEWMAN   Ernest Henry NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Emma SMITH   ? ?   David William NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   ? ?   Emma NEWMAN   Ellen Ruth NEWMAN   Isaac NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Sarah ELLISTON   Mary Sophia NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   Clara FOSTER   Dennis Wilfrid NEVILLE   George NEWMAN   Mary FIGGET   George Jasper NEWMAN   Edwin NEWMAN   Paul Neville MARRIAGE   John NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Ellen Sarah PITTOCK   Bertie James WARD   William NEWMAN   Fanny Sowman   Frederick James Oliver GROOM   William George KINNELL   Elizabeth Newman   Lucy WINNEY   Ann CLARKE   Audrey Maisie HILLING   Robert NEWMAN   Robert Foulger   Sarah NEWMAN   Grace NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Ellen UNDERWOOD   Hilaire Thelwall PERCIVAL   Fred NEWMAN   Eileen Mary BOOKER   Kilner David NEWMAN   Patricia   stillborn NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Robert William H. NEWMAN   Richard HEMSLEY   Ann NEWMAN   Robert Piper NEWMAN   Ann BROWN   Gladys Katherine WALLSGRAVE   Alfred NEWMAN   Sarah YOUNGER   William NEWMAN   Margaret Ann WILLIAMS   Herbert NEWMAN   Flora NEWMAN   Ada Elizabeth WHITAKER   Elizabeth ADAMS   James NEWMAN   Ernest James NEWMAN   John Alfred FARRANT   Joyce Olive E. BONES   James NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   George William DOWN   John NEWMAN   John William H. DURRANT   George William NEWMAN   Raymond D. NEWMAN   George Douglas NEWMAN   Ann Marie CLEMENT   Mary Maria GOLDFINCH   William NEWMAN   Joyce Constance JAMES   Austin Llewellyn NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Mary Susanna FISHER   Thomas ELMER   Sophia Elizabeth NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   John Ayles NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Joseph Wreford NEWMAN   Samuel Sutton NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Ivy Josephine de NEUMANN   Trevor Malcolm BALDWIN   James NEWMAN   Mary Louisa BRIDEL   Dennis Victor NEWMAN   Reginald J. NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Leslie NEWMAN   Francis James GOODENOUGH   John NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Leonora Jessie NEWMAN   Elsbeth E. NEWMAN   Alfred Thomas NEWMAN   Elsie Rose SMALL   Charlotte SPURGEON   Ebenezer NEWMAN   Cyril Mark William NEWMAN   Charles James NEWMAN   Joyce Elsie NEWMAN   Mary BARFORD   Cyril Allen ALDWORTH   Joseph NEWMAN   William WOODS   Kathleen Mary NEWMAN   Edwin James NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Herbert NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Isabella Emily NEWMAN   Willie Arthur NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   David NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Florence Maud NEWMAN   Thomas Newman RAYNER   William Holcombe MILES   Mary   Mary NEWMAN   Samuel John NEWMAN   Maryanna NEWMAN   Grace Amelia NEWMAN   Cornelius Ladbrook GOODWIN   Samuel NEWMAN   Arthur William NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Amy L. BARNETT   Anne NEWMAN   Archibald Herbert NEWMAN   Stepen HART   Ellen NEWMAN   Carlos D. HART   Alfred STOCK   Thirza NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Annie Sophia NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Ethel MARTIN   Annie NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Nettia Isabel NEWMAN   Amelia NEWMAN   Rosa SHERRY   William Charles NEWMAN   Edward J. NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   William H. NEWMAN   Louisa Ellen UNDERWOOD   William James NEWMAN   John Christopher NEWMAN   Ada E. NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Jefferson NEWMAN   Mary Katherine WALL   Edith Lily BRITTON   John James GLASS   Martha Elizabeth NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Harold Earle NEWMAN   Edward John NEWMAN   Emma Martha NEWMAN   Amelia NEWMAN   Annie NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Walter James WEST   Frank NEWMAN   Louisa Augusta NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Frank Frederick NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Henry William NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Alfred James NEWMAN   Eva Bessie NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Frank Samuel NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Matilda WOODWARD   Ernest Charles NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Daisy Gwendoline MYDDLETON   Lavinia CHALLINOR   Embling NEWMAN   Albert Edward V. WELLS   George NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Susie NEWMAN   Robert POWELL   Mercy NEWMAN   Nelson NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Julia NEWMAN   Annie Mabel PICKARD   Frances Ann NEWMAN   Rose Emily CONWAY   Sarah Jane ELLISTON   John BEAVEN   Elizabeth Keziah NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Elizabeth GOBBE   Harry NEWMAN   Austin TOURLE   Emma Mary Ann WATTS   Jessie NEWMAN   James BONIFACE   Dorothy Ethel NEWMAN   Beatrice NEWMAN   William Lewis NEWMAN   Louisa Eliza JARVIS   Frederick Douglas NEWMAN   Charles Frederick NEWMAN   Kathleen Nellie HENSTOCK   Sarah Ann PIKE   George Henry NEWMAN   Charles John NEWMAN   Charles PITTOCK   Betsy NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Mary Ann Beer   Robert NEWMAN   Margaret Mary Esther NEWMAN   Charlotte Bumstead   Joseph BUMSTEAD   Valerie Gertrude May WALSH   Alice NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Albert PIKE   Herbert Sully NEWMAN   William BYATT   Charles Stanley NEWMAN   Annie AMBROSE   Elizabeth Anne ALYWARD   Robert Alfred NEWMAN   Samuel Watson NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   Ebenezer NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Catherine NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Francis Henry SCROGGIE   Terrence Roy NEWMAN   stillborn NEWMAN   Martha A. NEWMAN   Albert Edward Henry NEWMAN   Amy JONES   Silas NEWMAN   Francis Benbow NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Frances Bessie NEWMAN   William Newman SUTTLE   Kate Dorothy NEWLAND   Mary Ann ASH   Herbert Horace NEWMAN   Sarah Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Harold Joseph Henry NEWMAN   Whiteford John Edward BELL   Frederick NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Alfred George NEWMAN   Frances Phoebe NEWNHAM   Percy Alexander NEWMAN   Richard Joseph NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Lilian Emma NEWMAN   Salome NEWMAN   Martha NEWMAN   Douglas Arthur NEWMAN   Rose I. NEWMAN   Dorothy Minnie HURRELL   Mary Frances NEWMAN   Dorothy Mabel NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   William John NEWMAN   Rosa Louisa NEWMAN   Alice Maud NEWMAN   David Colin BEAZLEY   Florence GUILE   John NEWMAN   Joseph Edward GYNN   Jane NUNN   George Arthur NEWMAN   Sidney H. F. NEWMAN   Elsie Maud GRIGGS   Joseph NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Ethel Edith NEWMAN   Fred NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Leslie Charles NEWMAN   Edward Walter NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Maud NEWMAN   Frederick George NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Elizabeth Argent NEWMAN   Harriet Ann NEWMAN   Mary E. NEWMAN   Harold Frank NEWMAN   Winifred May NEWMAN   Ethel Mary NEWMAN   Harriet K. HUME   Elizabeth Jane NEWMAN   Emily Annie NEWMAN   Robert BISHOP   George Gilbert NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Samuel T. NEWMAN   Walter John NEWMAN   Mary Hosking NEWMAN   Betsy Lavis NEWMAN   Henry Edward NEWMAN   Jesse NEWMAN   Jabez NEWMAN   Anna Maria COE   William A. NEWMAN   Charles Osborne WICKENDEN   Joseph NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   William Ambrose NEWMAN   Fanny Emma NEWMAN   Margaret Mary NEWMAN   Harriet J. NEWMAN   Ruth NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Eliza Sarah NEWMAN   Olive Alberta NEWMAN   James BURTON   Ellen NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Elizabeth Adela NEWMAN   Nora Rose E. E. NEWMAN   Marion NEWMAN   John Henry NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Albert CRICK   Olliff M. A. NEWMAN   Thomas BADGER   Ernest NEWMAN   Anne Gilford (gdau) NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Albert Douglas NEWMAN   Benjamin NEWMAN   George Newman YOUNG   Hamment STEVENSON   George NEWMAN   Albert Edward NEWMAN   Lily Beatrice BARTLETT   George E. NEWMAN   Kathleen Mary WRIGHT   Lilian Harriet SHELLEY   Amelia Emily NEWMAN   Annie Jane NEWMAN   Horace W. NEWMAN   Robert Jirch NEWMAN   Reginald FRITH   Winifred Minnie GREEN   Phyllis Kathleen NEWMAN   Elizabeth Hall NEWMAN   Ena May NEWMAN   Selina Emily NEWMAN   Rachel NEWMAN   Annie ANGELL   Alfred Thomas NEWMAN   Beatrice Eliza NEWMAN   Daisy Eleanor VERRALL   Martha NEWMAN   Fritz E. PILBEAM   Percy NEWMAN   Percy Barkshire GALE   Florence M. NEWMAN   Frances Ann NEWMAN   Dominic F. HOLLINGSHEAD   James Steer NEWMAN   Emily Jane NEWMAN   Hannah NEWMAN   Martha NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Kenneth Oliver JORDAN   William George SMITH   Alfred William NEWMAN   Hilda Mary NEWMAN   Fanny GREEN   Betty NEWMAN   Ernest Emanuel NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Norman J. M. DAIGNAULT / Evely...