Newman One-Name Study

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    December 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Donald Victor NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Andrew J. GIBBS   Henrietta Ellen DOVE   Agnes Vera NEWMAN   Agnes Maria NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Ada Dorothy NEWMAN   Amelia NEWMAN   Phoebe TOPPER   Frederick George TOPPER   Mary NEWMAN   Jemima NEWMAN   Alice Susannah NEWMAN   Evelyn Alice NEWMAN   George Edward NEWMAN   Constance Sarah NEWMAN   Alfred Duncan NEWMAN   Emma Eliza NEWMAN   Ellen Jane NEWMAN   William James NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   George Arthur NEWMAN   Caroline Sarah NEWMAN   Lilian May NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Clara NEWMAN   Philip Landon SMITH   Henry Walter NEWMAN   Emily Maud NEWMAN   Ethel May NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Norman Roger MARTIN   Edward James NEWMAN   Alice Kate NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Mary STEVENS   Hilda Mary NEWMAN   Clifford Edward NEWMAN   Myrtle NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   William T. SOUTHERN   Joshua NEWMAN   Julia NEWMAN   Reginald John NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Ethel Helen NEWMAN   Theresa Mary NEWMAN   Charles Frederick DUGUID, DSO,...   Louisa Elizabeth NEWMAN   Oliver James NEWMAN   Elizabeth Perry NEWMAN   Charles Perry NEWMAN   Charlotte Maud NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Christiana Relleen NEWMAN   ? NEWMAN   Eliza Newman SIVIER   Harriet Rosa NEWMAN   Alice MANNERS   Jane NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Edwin NEWMAN   Sarah A. NEWMAN   Louisa Lavinia CURRAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   James Walter NEWMAN   Tom NEWMAN   Emma Fulks NEWMAN   James Thomas NEWMAN   Annie TOPPER   Emily NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Albert Edward NEWMAN   Ella Ada NEWMAN   Bell Louise NEWMAN   Hetty Flora NEWMAN   Kathleen Elizabeth Janet NEWMA...   Vera Octavia Beatrice NEWMAN   Arthur Courtney THORNTON   James Colin NEWMAN   Alice Maud NEWMAN   Sarah Eliza NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Charles James NEWMAN   Rosanna NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   Francis Newman TOPPER   William James Newman TOPPER   Harold George NEWMAN   Arnold Wilfred NEWMAN   Clara Ann NEWMAN   Phoebe NEWMAN   Charles James NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   William John NEWMAN   Frederick Francis NEWMAN   Alfred Edward NEWMAN   Naomi NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Thomas James NEWMAN   Arthur Cecil NEWMAN   Mary Isabella NEWMAN   George Edward NEWMAN   Alice Elizabeth IVALL   Laura Jane Penney NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Frederick James MARIS   Lewis SMITH   Robert Fred NEWMAN   Esther Maria NEWMAN   Dinah Susannah NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Ada RATHBONE   Hannah RATHBONE   Jane Hannah NEWMAN   Elizabeth Alice NEWMAN   Vera Ellen NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Henry Charles NEWMAN   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Emily Maria NEWMAN   Rebecca Davis NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth SMITH   Tom Sidney NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Robert William TUTTY   Henry NEWMAN   Lillian Edith NEWMAN   Ruth NEWMAN   Beatrice NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Florrie Louisa WATCHAM   Alfred CLARK   William CLARK   John William NEWMAN   Charles Frederick NEWMAN   John M. NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Ethel NEWMAN   Winifred Ivy NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Lily Beatrice NEWMAN   George Frederick NEWMAN   Hannah Maria NEWMAN   Edwin John NEWMAN   George Alfred FORD   Noah CLARKE   William Thomas NEWMAN   Charles Robert BENHAM   Newman Claude MUDD   Robert NEWMAN   Albert James NEWMAN   Diana Mercer NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Robert William NEWMAN   Catherine NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sarah Elizabeth NEWMAN   Daniel Frederick NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Emma Louisa NEWMAN   Frederick Charles NEWMAN   Pamela NEWMAN   Thomas PULLEN   Alice PULLEN   Ethel May NEWMAN   David NEWMAN   Emma Theresa NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Nelly NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Charles Thomas N. NEWMAN   Rhoda Nellie NEWMAN   Alfred Walter NEWMAN   Alice Emma NEWMAN   Violet Maud NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   Florence Amy NEWMAN   William Edward NEWMAN   Susannah Jane NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Edward George NEWMAN   Rhoda May NEWMAN   Dorothy Matilda NEWMAN   Henry Charles NEWMAN   James George NEWMAN   John R. BAYNHAM   Frederick NEWMAN   Elsie NEWMAN   Louisa Maud COUZENS   Miriam Susan DALBY   Walter NEWMAN   Catherine R. NEWMAN   Laura Ellen NEWMAN   Edgar Alfred NEWMAN   Caroline Letitia NEWMAN   Flora Elizabeth NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Alfred George Henry NEWMAN   Morley Kershaw NEWMAN   Rhoda Elizabeth NEWMAN   Frank Arthur NEWMAN   Matilda NEWMAN   Daisy Kate BARNES   Henry ROGERS   Joseph William NEWMAN   Ernest Edward NEWMAN   Charles Harold NEWMAN   William Reginald NEWMAN   Charles Maurice NEWMAN   Hilda Eleanor SCOTT   Harry NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Hellena NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Abner NEWMAN   Charles Ernest NEWMAN   Harry George NEWMAN   Millicent Elsie NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Arthur Charles NEWMAN   Isaac Wakely NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Dorothy Alice NEWMAN   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Walter Frederick NEWMAN   Rose Lily IVALL   Kenneth Arthur NEWMAN   Charles John NEWMAN   Alfred James WHALE   William George NEWMAN   Alfred Thomas NEWMAN   Arthur Frederick James NEWMAN   Fanny Florence NEWMAN   Alice Anna WHALE   Ezekiel WOODS   Frank Newman HIETT   John Newman DRIVER   Clara Jane NEWMAN   Arthur William NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Phillip Henry NEWMAN   Charlotte Ann NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Agnes Matilda NEWMAN   Walter Sidney NEWMAN   Ronald A. NEWMAN   Henry Stocken NEWMAN   Gertrude Alice NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   John Newman THORN   William James NEWMAN   Annie Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Nellie NEWMAN   Ada Louisa NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   Mary Louisa NEWMAN   Emma Coleridge NEWMAN   Jesse Henry NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   James Hallows NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Bessy Elizabeth NEWMAN   Edgar NEWMAN   William George NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Fanny Bertha NEWMAN   Percy Walter NEWMAN   William Randall NEWMAN   Andrew NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Maria LAST   Charles Edward NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   George Abram NEWMAN   Mary Anna NEWMAN   Horace John Jaggard NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Alice Hannah NEWMAN   Emmeline NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Edith NEWMAN   Ernest NEWMAN   Thomas Charles NEWMAN   Frederick Augustus W. NEWMAN   Albert Edward NEWMAN   Matthew NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   John Thomas NEWMAN   Henry Hopkins NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Bertie Gerald NEWMAN   Mildred Elizabeth NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Henry William PALMER   Charles Alfred PALMER   Joseph Bertie PALMER   Fanny NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Caroline Alice NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   William Edwin NEWMAN   Lucy NEWMAN   Dorothy NEWMAN   Charlotte Florence NEWMAN   Frank David NEWMAN   John William NEWMAN   James Walter BAILEY   Richard Harry BAILEY   William James NEWMAN   Lilian NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Albert William NEWMAN   Edith NEWMAN   Alice MARTIN   James NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Maria SIGGERS   William PALMER   Henry NEWMAN   Nicholas NEWMAN   William Albert Victor NEWMAN   Gladys M. NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Geoffrey NEWMAN   Frank William NEWMAN   Edith Mary NEWMAN   Percy NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Herbert Gordon NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   John Cutts NEWMAN   Lilian Cynthia H. N. ELSDEN   Eleanor Beatrice NEWMAN   Emily Bird NEWMAN   Rosina NEWMAN   Eliza Emma MISON   Thomas NEWMAN   John Herbert NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Benjamin NEWMAN   Henry William NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Arthur George NEWMAN   Mabel Violet NEWMAN   Arthur George NEWMAN   Jessie Florence NEWMAN   Maud Lilian NEWMAN   Eleanor Lucy NEWMAN   Arthur Betteridge NEWMAN   Ernest Frank NEWMAN   Lotan NEWMAN   George William NEWMAN   Harry John NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Mark NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Charles Dixon NEWMAN   Mary E. NEWMAN   Ellen Emma NEWMAN   Harriet Ada SALMONS   William NEWMAN   Kathleen NEWMAN   John Thomas NEWMAN   Naaman NEWMAN   Emma Eliza NEWMAN   Ada Amelia NEWMAN   Ellen Rosetta HOGSFLESH   Alice Maude HOGSFLESH   Henry James BISH   William Charles BISH   Herbert NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Sholto John Henry NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Horace Francis NEWMAN   Ellen Ann NEWMAN   Grace Constance NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Thomas VAN EADEN   Lilian Jane NUNN   Emily TURVEY   Winifred Elizabeth ELSDEN   Henry Arthur HARBER   Frederick William NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Rowland NEWMAN   Charles Octavius NEWMAN   Rowland Allen W. NEWMAN   Clara NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Ettey Mary NEWMAN   William Edward NEWMAN   Harold Arthur NEWMAN   Katherine Mary NEWMAN   George Fitzgerald NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Jane Elizabeth NEWMAN   Caroline Amelia NEWMAN   Rose Ann NEWMAN   Ada Maria NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   Annie E. NEWMAN   Sarah Elizabeth NEWMAN   Albert Edward NEWMAN   Annie Louisa NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Henry Charles NEWMAN   Alfred William NEWMAN   Emily Jane NEWMAN   Francis Cecil NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Alfred Maurice LAVER   Joseph Bartholomew NEWMAN   Betsy NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Ellis NEWMAN   Rosina Rebecca NEWMAN   Eliza Ann NEWMAN   Albert James NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Dorothy Gertrude NEWMAN   Herbert Edgar J. NEWMAN   William Edwin NEWMAN   Frances Owen NEWMAN   Samuel Rednall NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Albertina NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Elizabeth Mary NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   James SHELLARD   Sydney Joseph NEWMAN   William Ernest NEWMAN   Florence Beatrice NEWMAN   Martha Agnes Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Rachel Maud NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Emmeline NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Georgina NEWMAN   Sarah Willoughby NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Emily Ann NEWMAN   Robert George NEWMAN   Elizabeth Jessie NEWMAN   Robert James NEWMAN   Harold Claude NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Rosetta NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Charlotte Mary NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Ethel Annie NEWMAN   Emma Eva NEWMAN   Frederick Walter NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Bethia NEWMAN   Eva Annie NEWMAN   Leonard Herbert C. NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   William John NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   James Edmund NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Elsie NEWMAN   Winifred NEWMAN   Daisy NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Esther NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Marian NEWMAN   Amy Ellen NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Willie Mark NEWMAN   Edward G. NEWMAN   William Sidney NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Emily Rosa NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Louisa Ann NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Elizabeth Jane NEWMAN   Alice Theodora NEWMAN   Robina NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Emma Jane NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Dorothy Ada NEWMAN   Ada Caroline E. NEWMAN   Dorothy Ruby NEWMAN   Anne NEWMAN   Walter George NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Walter Charles NEWMAN   Joseph Harradine NEWMAN   George Frederick NEWMAN   Sidney Edward NEWMAN   Frances Mary NEWMAN   Helen NEWMAN, M.D.   Horace Vernon P. NEWMAN   Eliza Clara NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Allan NEWMAN   Emily RIDOUT   Robert NEWMAN   Rahael Charlotte NEWMAN   Alfred Charles DRURY   Margery Minnie DRURY   Thomas Robert NEWMAN   Reginald John NEWMAN   Gertrude Fanny D. NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Rose Mary NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Mary A. NEWMAN   Alice Susanna NEWMAN   Edith NEWMAN   Kilner Peacock NEWMAN   Frank Joseph NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Matilda NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Annie NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Rose NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   William Howell NEWMAN   George Edwin NEWMAN   Jessie Mahala NEWMAN   Ada Mary NEWMAN   Thomas Smith NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Norman William F. NEWMAN   William Joseph NEWMAN   Conrad Dennis NEWMAN   Ivy Belle NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Ronald Percival NEWMAN   Susannah Emily NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Lilian Mary NEWMAN   Horace William NEWMAN   Frank William NEWMAN   Henry Charles NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Gertrude Mary NEWMAN   Charles Arthur NEWMAN   Fanny Danzie NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mary Jane Cousens Lydston NEWM...   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Rosa NEWMAN   Moses NEWMAN   Edward Campbell NEWMAN   Flora LARGE   Frank LARGE   Kate NEWMAN   James Henry NEWMAN   Paul NEWMAN   Sarah Jane POWELL   John POWELL   Peter NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Caroline Ann Newman HEALD   Maria Campbell BENHAM   Charles Stanley ROYCE   Freda Annie ROYCE   Arthur Robert BENHAM   Cecil Guy BENHAM   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Alice Louisa PICKARD   Herbert William NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   Harry Owen NEWMAN   Frank Elijah NEWMAN   Ralph Campbell CHOPPING, DFC   Henry CHOPPING   Septimus CHOPPING   Charles NEWMAN   Verdun Somme NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Emma Louisa CONWAY   Agnes Maud CONWAY   Mary Ann SAMMS   Sarah SAMS   Elijah HARDY   Fanny NEWMAN   Minnie NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Edith Mary NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   George Alexander NEWMAN   Clarence Victor NEWMAN   Elizabeth Jane NEWMAN   Selina NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Arthur John Newman   Sarah Elizabeth NEWMAN   Henry William TURNER   Emily Eliza TURNER   Sarah TURNER   William DAY   Samuel DAY   Thomas Oliver ELLISTON   Mercy ELLISTON   Thomas James ELLISTON   George Harry SIMPSON   Ernest Horace C. NEWMAN   Charles CHAPLIN   Laura Gladys SMITH   Ethel Maria NEWMAN   Charles Albert NEWMAN   Grace MOZLEY   Henry William MOZLEY   Jane Gertude MOZLEY   Frederick William NEWMAN   Jane HILLS   Hannah NEWMAN   Thomas BEAVEN   William James NEWMAN   Olive NEWMAN   John Vincent Newman BANFIELD   Mabel Annie NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   John Thomas WEBB   Robert William SANDFORD   Annie Margaret NEWMAN   Elsie May NEWMAN   Emma Louisa NEWMAN   Ivy Ethel NEWMAN   Alice Lilian CHAPLIN   Timothy OLLIVER   George OLLIVER   Ada Elizabeth OLLIVER   Harry Newman OLLIVER   Agnes May TURNER   Elizabeth Jane TURNER   Charles Newman ARBON   John Abraham ARBON   Thomas TURNER   Dorothy May TURNER   Agnes Maud PALFREY   Edward George NEWMAN   George KENNARD   Olive KENNARD   Alice KENNARD   Elizabeth Alice DICKER   James Harry NEWMAN   Mary Sophia. NEWMAN   Mary Kate STONE   Cecil Mary NEWMAN   Roberts Redvers T. NEWMAN   John ROWLETT   John NEWMAN   Emily Hannah NEWMAN   Edith Dorothy Rouse HANCOCK   John Henry NEWMAN   Lillie NEWMAN   Rosie NEWMAN   Ernest MERRY   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Esther Melinda NEWMAN   Catharine Maud NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Walter John GOBBE   Caroline SMITH   Walter James NEWNHAM   Edith Adelaide NEWNHAM   Henry WHEELER   Edith May WHEELER   Charles NEWMAN   Minnie NEWMAN   Albert Henry NEWMAN   John Herbert NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth Vickers WINGROVE   Millicent WATTS   Henry John ADAMS   Sarah PILE   George PILE   Marianne STOCK   Mary Ann Sophia NEWMAN   Emily Jane NEWMAN   George Frederick NEWMAN   Eliza JORDAN   Frederick Charles NEWMAN   Stanley Wilfred NEWMAN   Catherine Ann NEWMAN   Alice Maud NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   George Edwin NEWMAN   Charles Henry NEWMAN   Alfred Henry NEWMAN   Muriel Emmeline NEWMAN   George Joseph NEWMAN   Ivy M. A. NEWMAN   Lewis PARKER   Emily PHILLIPS   Christopher Nuttall NEWMAN   Ruth NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Samuel Joseph NEWMAN   William Robert NEWMAN   Sarah Elizabeth NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Ernest Alfred NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Philippa Kate NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Ann Maria NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Marie Louise HENSTOCK   Sarah Ann HAMMOND   William Thomas PHIPPS   Thirza NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Jabez NEWMAN   Sarah PALMER   Mary Leah NEWMAN   Harvey Arthur NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Georgiana NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Clifton NEWMAN   Fanny Gertrude KITSELL   Kathleen Mary BECKETT   Elizabeth Jane NEWMAN   Ellen Sarah NEWMAN   Archer Vivian NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Sophia NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Frank Alfred NEWMAN   Ethel Rosa DUCE   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Cecily Agnes NEWMAN   Richard SMITH   James William NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Christiana NEWMAN   Percy NEWMAN   James WARD   Edith May WARD   Percy Robert NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Charlotte Reynolds NEWMAN   Hilda D. NEWMAN   Eliza SOWMAN   Rosa Sowman   Fanny Sowman   Harriet NEWMAN   Gordon NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Frederick George PATCH   Eileen PATCH   Alfred George NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Esther Ellen NEWMAN   Sarah Edith NEWMAN   Frank M. PULLEN   Ann Newman   Frederick William NEWMAN   Harold NEWMAN   Walter Edward NEWMAN   Ernest Robert NEWMAN   Rosina PLAYLE   Herbert Simpson NEWMAN   Henry TRICKER   John Roy GODBOLD   Isaac NEWMAN   Maud Sarah GRIGGS   Gertrude Mary GRIGGS   John Steward   Alfred George FINBOW   Sidney Frank NEWMAN   Ernest Albert NEWMAN   Charles Bumpstead   Alice HORREX   Eliza Maria TRICKER   Rosa P. NEWMAN   Mabel Alice NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Horace FINBOW   Grace E. PRYKE   Ernest Walter J. Davy   Mary Ann STEWARD   Bertram Arthur Stanley BENNETT   William George MOSS   Rose Kathleen MOSS   Reginald Arthur PALMER   Alfred NEWMAN   Ernest Charles NEWMAN   Florence NEWMAN   Nathaniel Henry NEWMAN   Grace Ethel M. NEWMAN   Dorothy Rose NEWMAN   George Henry RIDER   Margaret Edith NEWMAN   Alfred James NEWMAN   Charles Augustus NEWMAN   Emma C. NEWMAN   Caroline Elizabeth NEWMAN   Alan Albert Henessy NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth Ann NEWMAN   Robert Dawson NEWMAN   Margaret Turnbull NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Edward PIKE   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Ada Frances NEWMAN   Charles Frederick COVEY   Blanche NEWMAN   Elizabeth Sully NEWMAN   Thomas Newman WEST   George NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Phillis NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Violet NEWMAN   Frank BLACKSTONE   William NEWMAN   Frank Albert NEWMAN   Lillian Catherine NEWMAN   Gwendoline Ethel NEWMAN   Hannah NEWMAN   George Ebenezer NEWMAN   John William NEWMAN   Herbert Frank NEWMAN   Edward Jack NEWMAN   Frances Emma NEWMAN   Stanley Thomas NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Bertie NEWMAN   William BRYANT   William Charles WALLACE   John William NEWMAN   George James NEWMAN   Arthur Allison NEWMAN   Edna Etheldreda NEWMAN   Katherine Annie NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Clara NEWMAN   Keiza Ann GARRAWAY   James Newman GARRAWAY   Daniel Francis GARRAWAY   Kate Elizabeth NEWMAN   Olive Mary NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Cyril George NEWMAN   Gertrude Augusta BLACK   Margaret May BLACK   Frank Newman ANTROBUS   Francis E. FEGAN   Josephine Amelia de NEUMANN   Caroline Elizabeth de NEUMANN   Catherine Frances NEWMAN   Frances M. NEUMANN   Barbara NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Rachel Ann NEWMAN   Edith Maud NEWMAN   Llewellyn Joseph Hawthorn NEWM...   James NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Ada Elizabeth NEWMAN   Charles Herbert NEWMAN   Arthur Charles NEWMAN   Amy Emily NEWMAN   Alfred Edwin NEWMAN   George William GASCOINE   Louis GASCOINE   Jessie May GASCOINE   James Albert GASCOINE   Frederick James NEWMAN   Mabel Constance NEWMAN   Eliza Sarah Scott ALLEN   Aleck Wilfred DAVEY   Eliza NEWMAN   Clifton NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   Charles Henry NEWMAN   Alice Eve NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Eric NEWMAN   Dorothy NEWMAN   Constance Fanny JORDAN   Robert John NEWMAN   Mary Elizabeth NEWMAN   Florence Annie NEWMAN   Henry Herbert NEWMAN   Priscilla NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Martha Jane NEWMAN   Ellen Elizabeth NEWMAN   David George DUCK   William Herbert NEWMAN   James Henry HOWELL   Doris Edith G. HILLARD   Isabel Eleanor Susanna NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Emma FOULDS   Thomas KILSBY   Susanna NEWMAN   William James SCROGGIE   Sarah Susanna SCROGGIE   Helen Augusta SCROGGIE   Frederick NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Annie Florence NEWMAN   Clara Evelyn NEWMAN   Constance Maude NEWMAN   Hilda Mabel NEWMAN   Elsie May NEWMAN   George Frederick NEWMAN   James Vernon NEWMAN   Minnie Caroline NEWMAN   Fanny Elizabeth Sarah NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Lavinia Florence NEWMAN   Ellen Amelia NEWMAN   Annie Mary NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   William Harvey NEWMAN   William Leslie NEWMAN   Selina Martha DENYER   Hazael NEWMAN   Alice Ada NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Charlotte Emily NEWMAN   Heli Henry NEWMAN   Anne NEWMAN   Florence Caroline NEWMAN   Alfred Gilbert NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   George WADE   Ernest Frederick NEWMAN   Richard Sharpe NEWMAN   William James NEWMAN   Hazael James W. NEWMAN   Alfred Henry NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Edmund Charles HAMBLIN   Stanley Reginald HAMBLIN   Ivy Dagmar A. NEWMAN   Harriet SUTTLE   Susanna SUTTLE   Carris CURRY   Jessie CURRY   John Benbow NEWMAN   Frederick Stacey NEWMAN   Sarah Jane WHEELER   Sidney Herbert SPENCER   Ethel Mary SPENCER   Annie NEWMAN   Bertha Jane NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Ellen Fanny NEWMAN   Nellie Adelaide NEWMAN   Aaron Newman TAYLOR   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Phyllis Irene BURNELL   Nellie Mathers NEWMAN   Susanna SUTTLE   Rosamond Elizabeth Harriet BIS...   Emily Avis NEWMAN   Louisa Agnes NEWMAN   Frederick William GUILE   Elizabeth Alice NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Catherine Dorothy BANNISTER   Frederick ATKINS   Florence Maud NEWMAN   John LINDUP   Louisa Newman BRAZIER   Jane NEWMAN   Newman ADAMS   Walter WITCHER   James NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Arthur William NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWLAND   Rebecca A. NEWMAN   Olive NEWMAN   Phyllis NEWMAN   Joyce W. FAWCKNER   Freda NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Grace NEWMAN   Agnes Violet SUTTLE   Alfred William MESSENGER   Henry John NEWMAN   Thomas Oswald NEWMAN   Gertrude Beatrice NEWMAN   Ivy Edna NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Louisa Ann NEWMAN   George Robert NEWMAN   Fred NEWMAN   Edith Ethel NEWMAN   Ernest George NEWMAN   Beatrice Maud NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   Charles Henry NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   Edith Eliza NEWMAN   Jane NORTHWOOD   Gertrude NEWMAN   Herbert Baxter NEWMAN   Frederick William NEWMAN   Mark NEWMAN   Richard James NEWMAN   Owen STEVENS   James George NEWMAN   Ann Ethel NEWMAN   Gerald Sydney NEWMAN   Elsie Jessie M. NEWMAN   Keith G. NEWMAN   Sarah BARTON   Sarah Mumford MUMFORD   Charles Kirby NEWMAN   Kathleen Gore ALBAN   Robert Tregarthen REES   William Richard Tregarthen REE...   Laura HOLMES   Louis Charles HOLMES   Gwladys Gwendoline HOLMES   Clement NEWMAN   Cecilia Elizabeth NEWMAN   Annie Alexandria Hoskin Newman...   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Henry William NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Elsie NEWMAN   Caroline READ   Charles Herbert Elsley NEWMAN   Sarah Ann BROWN   Henry BROWN   Harriet NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Caroline NEWMAN   George Joseph NEWMAN   Frederick James LEE   Richard William NEWMAN   Henry A. NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Alfred St John MACAULAY   Dora Margaret NEWMAN   Nellie NEWMAN   John Newman THOMAS   John Parker NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Elizabeth Ann NEWMAN   Ann Isabella NEWMAN   Henry George NEWMAN   Henry George NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   James Vincent NEWMAN   William James NEWMAN   Caroline NEWMAN   Catherine Elizabeth NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Florence Beatrice GOUGH   Alice Beatrice NEWMAN   Wilfred NEWMAN   Reuben Leslie WEBSTER   Herbert J. NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Kilnerthan NEWMAN   Doris Mabel FINBOW   Ellen NEWMAN   Rebecca NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Winifred Sarah NEWMAN   Julia NEWMAN   Percy Hatton BREWER   William Charles NEWMAN   Willis Martin NEWMAN   Violet Eva FOULGER   Ada FOULGER   Myra Sophia NEWMAN   Ada Emma NEWMAN   Myra Frances WILSON   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Ann Jane SOUTHERN   Rachel NEWMAN   John James NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Frederick Charles NEWMAN   Evelyn Henry NEWMAN   William Patrick Meade NEWMAN   James Arnold HURRELL   Walter William NEWMAN   Thomas Hodgson H. NEWMAN   James CAMERON   Stanley WREN   Sidney Newman WREN   Winifred Jane WREN   Charlotte Campbell NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Alexander George NEWMAN   George Abraham NEWMAN   George Albert CRANFIELD   Thomas Henry NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Arthur BAMBRIDGE   Florence Elizabeth NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Lydia Catherine NEWMAN   Amelia Edith NEWMAN   Ernest William NEWMAN   Margery Alice TURVEY   John Ridley HUNTER   Edith Fanny NEWMAN   Henry Folger NEWMAN   Charles George NEWMAN   William Wandless NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Herbert George NEWMAN   Mabel Ellen NEWMAN   Eleanor GUILE   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Katharine DYER   Thomas S. NEWMAN   Eliza NUNN   Mary Seely PALMER   Thomas PALMER   Bartholomew John PALMER   Ernest Albert CLARKE   George CLARKE   William CLARKE   Abraham Mathew NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Jonathan NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Helen Florence PRYKE   Edwin Roland PRYKE   Leonard Frederick J. NEWMAN   Ernest NEWMAN   Percy NEWMAN   Alfred Henry NEWMAN   Laura NEWMAN   James Newman BUTLER   Leonard NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Ivy NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Gwendoline Louise NEWMAN   Mabel Elizabeth NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Jessie Annie NEWMAN   Helen Louise NEWMAN   Percy George NEWNAM   Emily NEWMAN   Newman Bruce DOBELL   Ellen NEWMAN   Louisa NEWMAN   Jonah NEWMAN   Hester Sophia NEWMAN   Salena NEWMAN   Georgina Anetta NEWMAN   Francis George B. NEWMAN   William Edward NEWMAN   Marjorie Jackson NEWMAN   Caroline Sarah NEWMAN   Henry Isaac NEWMAN   Emma Florence NEWMAN   Rebecca Maria NEWMAN   Hilda Winifred NEWMAN   Albert George NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   John Willis NEWMAN   Philip Arthur NEWMAN   Thomas Mortimer NEWMAN   George Ernest NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   John Fowler NEWMAN   Catherine Maggie NEWMAN   Ada May NEWMAN   Leonard William NEWMAN   Esther NEWMAN   George Watson NEWMAN   Philip Nicholas NEWMAN   John Albert William BRAY   Doris Maud BRAY   Thomas NEWMAN   Sarah Bridget NEWMAN   Winifred Doris MORLAND   Charles Robert NEWMAN   Alice Mary NEWMAN   Charles Victor NEWMAN   George William NEWMAN   Mabel E. NEWMAN   Elizabeth Mary NEWMAN   Louisa Archer NEWMAN   Walter George NEWMAN   Charles Richard NEWMAN   Lilian Rose NEWMAN   Florence L. NEWMAN   Gilbert Francis NEWMAN   Leonard William SCOTT   Lena Edna SCOTT   Alice Rose LAVERS   Edgar George NEWMAN   Betty Eileen NEWMAN   Edward R. NEWMAN   Frederick William NEWMAN   Emma Elizabeth NEWMAN   Emily CARTER   Elizabeth Bella NEWMAN   George William John NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Emma Maud G. WELHAM   Mabel WELHAM   Matilda NEWMAN   Arthur Victor NEWMAN   Charles Henry NEWMAN   Robert Sidney NEWMAN   Winifred Lilian FUNNELL   George James NEWMAN   Frederick Stanley NEWMAN   King FARRANT   Annie Rosina NEWMAN   Ronald Lancelot N. ONG   Marjorie Kathleen N. ONG   Eva Beatrice NEWMAN   Elsie Florence NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Augustus Bertie NEWMAN   Gladys Emily NEWMAN   Edith Julia NEWMAN   Joseph Pashler NEWMAN   Elizabeth Harradine NEWMAN   Albert Edward NEWMAN   Kate Azuba NEWMAN   Clara Eva WRIGHT   Frederick Alfred NEWMAN   Edith May NEWMAN   Charles Edwin NEWMAN   Harold Parnell NEWMAN   Phoebe Maud M. NEWMAN   Robert Alexander NEWMAN   Ralph Feasey NEWMAN   Gladys Dorothy NEWMAN   John Friend NEWMAN   Frederick Arthur NEWMAN   Arthur Thomas NEWMAN   James Frederick NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Rosetta NEWMAN   Thomas David B. NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Wilmot NEWMAN   Eric NEWMAN   Florence Emily NEWMAN   Kathleen Frances M. ASMAN   Jeffrey NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Arthur BUCK   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Priscilla GOWER   Nellie NEWMAN   Florence Mary NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Nora Shrubbs NEWMAN   Clifford NEWMAN   Sally NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Simeon CHRISTMAS   Frank NEWMAN   Esther Elizabeth NEWMAN   Florence Emily NEWMAN   Charles Alfred NEWMAN   Gertrude Elizabeth NEWMAN   William Barcham NEWMAN   Maud Beatrice ELKINS   Arthur William NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Phoebe PAWSEY   Henry HUNT   Ann NEWMAN   Collett NEWMAN   Helen Margaret NEWMAN   George Russell NEWMAN   Jenny NEWMAN   Harold Newman GAUNT   Walter Percy GAUNT   Rebecca Newman JAY   Ephraim Thomas JAY   Sarah Elizabeth JAY   Henry William NEWMAN   George William NEWMAN   Mary Elizabeth NEWMAN   Francis Charles NEWMAN   Janet NEWMAN   Sidney Frances CHALK   Bertram Henry CHALK   Walter James NEWMAN   Elsie Grace NEWMAN   Eliza DUDLEY   Alfred William NEWMAN   Christopher NEWMAN   Kathleen Florence L. NEWMAN   Irene Ivy D. NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Phoebe Jane NEWMAN   Ernest Harry S. NEWMAN   Margaret Nancy FOSS   Roy Newman SKINNER   Betty VEALE   Mark NEWMAN   Harriet Sybella NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Mary Elaine NEWMAN   Harry Graham NEWMAN   Norah Newman TAYLOR   William James NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Louisa Jane NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   George Arthur NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   John Newman SPARROW   William Marler COE   Albert Richard COE   Daisy Maud NEWMAN   Winifred CURRY   Lawrence William HARMER   Edith Mary TRUDGETT   Minnie NEWMAN   Doris Annie BRADY   Vincent DANIELS   Freda NEWMAN   Frederick MALEY   Birdie Beatrice Harriet SYMOND...   Percy G. GREEN   Jane NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Newman HOLLIS   Edward Horn NEWMAN   Frederick C. NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Alice R. NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Frederick Joseph NEWMAN   Katherine NEWMAN   George Frederick NEWMAN   George William NEWMAN   Largent Harry NEWMAN   Elsie Mary CARLEY   Robert NEWMAN   Frederick John NEWMAN   Mary Sarah Alice NEWMAN   Eliza Ross NEWMAN   James Stanley LAPTHORN   William John NEWMAN   Thirza NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   John CAVE   Abigail NEWMAN   Edith Eunice NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Susan NEWMAN   John Frederick NEWMAN   Alfred W. NEWMAN   Melinda Eugene RUSHBROOK   Melinda Eugenia NEWMAN   Daisy Eliza DRAKE   Kate NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Lilian Kate NEWMAN   Frederick George NEWMAN   Lydia Mary NEWMAN   Herbert Edward NEWMAN   William Henry J. NEWMAN   Samuel Henry NEWMAN   Mahala NEWMAN   Maud NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Alfred James NEWMAN   William Thomas NEWMAN   Lavinia Jane NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Oliver John T. 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NEWMAN   Ada BELLCHAMBERS   Mabel Edith OWEN   William NEWMAN   Violet Jessie CARRINGTON   Connie NEWMAN   Phyllis NEWMAN   George Douglas NEWMAN   Mary WHISLAY   William Cornelius NEWMAN   Ethel Maud EAGLEN   Ethel Maud NEWMAN   Hester NEWMAN   Jonathan William NEWMAN   Alice Eliza SMITH   William James NEWMAN   George RIDGEWELL   George Leonard Edward NEWMAN   Susan NEWMAN   Sheila Margaret ARMITAGE   Thomas NEWMAN   Ellen Louise LOVELL   Bertram Everest NEWMAN   Henry George NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN / Eleanor LUNGLE...   Joseph NEWMAN / Sarah SKIPPER   Idris Morgan EVANS / Mary Elea...   Albert Edward BUXTON / Florenc...   Philip W. McCORMICK / Charlott...   Charles NEWMAN / Mary Ann BECK...   Thomas Allen NEECH / Frances N...   Eric G. ELLIS / May Dorothy NE...   William NEWMAN / Mary Ann NEWM...   Stanley ROSS / Maud Florence M...   Clifford J. EGAN / Kathleen Ma...   Arthur COWELL / Louisa Newman ...   Jonas NEWMAN / Eliza CUNDY   Roland DENIAL / Florence Gertr...   Elijah THORNTON / Martha NEWMA...   Ernest Edgar HOLLOWAY / Floren...   Joseph CLARY / Alice Eliza NEW...   John NEWMAN / Sarah HUNT   John NEWMAN / Jane TUCKEY   Albert Newman WATCHAM / Emmie ...   Henry DRURY / Ada Ann NEWMAN   Alfred Herbert JENNINGS / Ethe...   John H. NEWMAN / Emily Florenc...   James STONE / Hester HOLDER   James Douglas DREWETT / Bridge...   Alfred John NEWMAN / Emma Eliz...   William James NEWMAN / Jane Ph...   Charles NEWMAN / Lily Townsend...   William NEWMAN / Sarah MURKIN   Joshua NEWMAN / Mary Ann CHAPM...   William NEWMAN / Eliza DAINES   Harry Noel NEWMAN / Rose BINGH...   Arthur Thomas NEWMAN / Mary Be...   Ernest Charles BUTLER / Alice ...   Moses Aaron LONG / Fanny Eliza...   Ralph Ashley NEWMAN / Lydia Sa...   William NEWMAN / Sarah Barker   Thomas WILLMOTT / Emma NEWMAN   William Alfred CHURCHYARD / El...   Harry Frank NEWMAN / Eveline M...   Samuel NEWMAN / Priscilla WITH...   John NEWMAN / Jane EMERY   Charles Edward NEWMAN / Alice ...   Frederick James NEWMAN / Mabel...   Edward Thomas NEWMAN / Rebecca...   George Arthur NEWMAN / Margare...   Thomas NEWMAN / Rebecca MARSH   James NEWMAN / Sarah GILBEY   Henry William NEWMAN / Jane AN...   James NEWMAN / Mary COLLINS   Golden Charles NEWMAN / Mary A...   Henry John NEWMAN / Louisa Lav...   William HARLICK / Harriet NEWM...   William Alfred MESSENGER / Lil...   Cyril Wagner NEWMAN / Winifred...   James NEWMAN / Sarah STONE   George William TUTTY / Sophia ...   Shirley John Montugue TUKE / M...   William NEWMAN / Harriett SMIT...   Douglas Havelock NEWMAN / Eliz...   William NEWMAN / Ellen MEHEW   William NEWMAN / Ann EPPS   James NEWMAN / Mary Ann GREEN   George NEWMAN / Elizabeth HARV...   Walter William WINNALL / Anna ...   Charles NEWMAN / Rose VANNER   William NEWMAN / Annis KEABLE   William NEWMAN / Rebecca PALME...   Robert UNDERWOOD / Caroline Lo...   John ABRAHAM / Mary MORGAN   James NEWMAN / Ann FIFORD   Tom TAYLOR / Mary Ann ROLES   George NEWMAN / Eliza PERRY   Robert Adams NEWMAN / Sarah Ba...   Frank NEWMAN / Kate Edith SUTT...   Harry JACKSON / Esther Maria N...   William NEWMAN / Lucy LAKE   William NEWMAN / Elizabeth   Thomas NEWMAN / Hannah ELLISON   Arthur NEWMAN / Caroline Eliza...   Ernest Knowler ALMOND / Ada A....   Charles NEWMAN / Harriet POTTE...   Charles Foster NEWMAN / Mabel ...   Isaac NEWMAN / Betsey DAVIS   Ernest Raymond NEWMAN / Susann...   Moses NEWMAN / Elizabeth Mary ...   Richard Gordon NEWMAN / Beatri...   Frederick James HYATT / Ethel ...   Walter NEWMAN / Sarah Ann BRET...   John Abraham C. 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CHAMBERS / Fanny NEW...   Charles Peter NEWMAN / Betsy D...   John William NEWMAN / Lilian E...   Sampson David MARRIAGE / Pearl...   Frederick WHITE / Annie Rosehe...   James Harry NEWMAN / Phillis S...   William Dove NEWMAN / Fanny CR...   Charles Edward NEWMAN / Alice ...   Geroge ANDREW / Ethra Mary NEW...   James TURNER / Caroline LEWIS   Edward NEWMAN / Martha BOND   John NEWMAN / Harriet PAGE   Frank Smith NEWMAN / Louisa HI...   King NEWMAN / Annie HAMILL   Edgar NEWMAN / Hannah Eliza JO...   Abraham NEWMAN / Sarah SARGEAN...   Charles NEWMAN / Jessie ABBOTT   John NEWMAN / Sophia THOMPSON   George Frederick PAWSEY / Rose...   Frederick George NEWMAN / Elle...   Joseph NEWMAN / Harriett   John Salter BAILEY / Kate NEWM...   Henry Stocking NEWMAN / Emma A...   Thomas NEWMAN / Selina BUTCHER   Joseph NEWMAN / Susannah GARRO...   Jeremiah NEWMAN / Alice GOLDIN...   Walter Jesse NEWMAN / Arsene L...   Isaac CLARKE / Harriet SALTER   William NEWMAN / Honor Charlot...   Ernest Alfred STRANGE / Anna N...   Arthur NEWMAN / Sarah SHERMAN   James NEWMAN / Rebecca DUNNENT   William NEWMAN / Eliza PULHAM   Charles PHILPOT / Sarah NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN / Phoebe SAUNDER...   Edward Joseph SUDBURY / Alice ...   William John COPPINS / Ann ALL...   Israel NEWMAN / Elizabeth GOSL...   Edward NEWMAN / Charlotte REDF...   Percy Chester NEWMAN / Daisy M...   Mark Elijah NEWMAN / Mary TURN...   John W. 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WELCH / Jessie Minn...   Robert Alfred WESTON / Margare...   William NEWMAN / Hannah Emma E...   Charles BLACKWELL / Mary Ann N...   George NEWMAN / Elizabeth Ann ...   George NEWMAN / Jane SMITH   Benjamin Opie BENDALL / Emma N...   William Harry NEWMAN / Emma Ch...   George L. NEWMAN / Alice Rosa ...   Percy Ralph NEWMAN / Gladys Ed...   Ernest J. CARR / Katherine Ali...   James Palmer NEWMAN / Sarah Ja...   William James NEWMAN / Martha ...   John Halliday NEWMAN / Winifre...   William MARTINDALE / Maria Eli...   Oswald Robert NEWMAN / Mary LA...   William Oswald NEWMAN / Elizab...   Charles Auckland CHANDLER / Su...   Charles William NEWMAN / Mary ...   Joseph William NEWMAN / Alice ...   Walter ROBERTSON / Ada NEWMAN   Joseph INNELL / Jessie Alice N...   Percy LETCH / Ethel Maude NEWM...   Charles E. CHAPLIN / Mabel Mir...   Joseph S. BUTLER / Emma NEWMAN   Joseph GILBEY / Eva Alice NEWM...   Frederick BROYD / Mary NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN / Sarah Jane CL...   Richard NEWMAN / Elsie L. FRYE...   Edward NEWMAN / Rosalie KENT   Oliver Richard PAUL / Rosalie ...   Herbert NEWMAN / Alice M. M. 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MITCHELL / Thirza Bl...   James NEWMAN / Jemima Frances ...   John BAKER / Emma Maria LARGE   John George POULTON / Caroline...   John NEWMAN / Sarah KENNETT   Lewis BALDOCK / Hetty Elizabet...   Henry ROYCE / Ellen Margaret N...   James William Eldridge NEWMAN ...   Walter NEWMAN / Martha FEW   John William WHEELER / Emily N...   James Albert PICKARD / Elizabe...   Tom STUBBS / Alice Louisa PICK...   Wasey CHOPPING / Amy Mina DODD   Ernest S. TURNER / Ethel Maud ...   William NEWMAN / Rebecca SMITH   William Thomas HENDRY / Jessie...   Charles Stuart NEWMAN / Annie ...   Charles NEWMAN / Maria WARNER   Isaac NEWMAN / Harriet BEER   Frederick SMITH / Louisa TURNE...   Walter Charles SANDFORD / Mary...   Thomas James ELLISTON / Mercy ...   William GRIST / Mary Ann BRETT   Gilbert NEWMAN / Elizabeth May...   John Edwin NEWMAN / Vivian Ire...   Edward NEWMAN / Harriet WELLS   Alfred NEWMAN / Alice E. 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HOLMWOOD / Mary Emily ...   Thomas KNIGHT / Eliza NEWMAN   John NEVILLE / Thresea Maria S...   Walter NEWMAN / Ellen BAKER   Frederick COUCHMAN / Dorothy N...   Stephen George CLARK / Philipp...   Thomas NEWMAN / Mary POUNCETT   Frederick Charles NEWMAN / Ell...   Thomas HAMMOND / Mary Ann NEWM...   George NEWMAN / Jane DANCEY   Walter Noah MALBY / Agnes Henr...   Francis Bernard TOOP / Alice N...   Edward NEWMAN / Phoebe Mary PE...   Maxwell Herman Alexander NEUMA...   Maxwell Herman Alexander NEUMA...   Walter James BARTHOLOMEW / Mar...   Ernest Albert BECKETT / Susan ...   Elkanah SIGGERS / Jessie Matil...   William J. SNELLING / Ellen Em...   Walter NEWMAN / Emily GROUT   William DUCE / Rosa Eliza NEWM...   Percy TRAVERS / Cecily Agnes N...   Richard SMITH / Marianne NEWMA...   Walter Edward WILBY / Ellen NE...   Alfred NEWMAN / Mary Ann REYNO...   Thomas NEWMAN / Elizabeth STON...   Gordon NEWMAN / Lucy Sarah BED...   Edward Thomas PICKFORD / Mary ...   Ernest GRIGGS / Ruth Louisa BA...   George NEWMAN / Mabel Annie RO...   John Ebenezer JONES / Kate NEW...   Henry Johnson / Eleanor Louisa...   Archibald James NEWMAN / Maude...   Thomas R. WEBB / Henrietta Eli...   Edward NEWMAN / Louisa SCARFF   William Joseph NEWMAN / Alice ...   Ernest S. HILLING / Lillie Mar...   Horace R. HOWE / Rosa May NEWM...   Albert Alfred KNUBLEY / Kathle...   Harry Alfred NEWMAN / Sarah A....   Frank Walter Cardinal NEWMAN /...   Charles Turner BAKER / Sarah E...   Leonard Stanley RENEL / Phylli...   Charles Alfred G. NEWMAN / Lil...   Ernest Alfred NEWMAN / Agnes K...   Henry TRICKER / Mary Anne BUTC...   Arthur F. HULL / Winifred Lucy...   Peter RANSON / Laura Amelia MI...   Edward NEWMAN / Elizabeth GROO...   Thomas BAILEY / Susannah NEWMA...   Henry Samuel Foulger / Maria D...   Joseph Davey / Naomi Rushbrook...   George Arthur Steward / Ada Sa...   Robert Ambrose Steward / Marth...   William Newman STEWARD / Emily...   Alfred George FINBOW / Christi...   Harold Charles NEWMAN / Phylli...   James Robert MOSS / Laura STEW...   James Henry NEWMAN / Sarah HUC...   Arthur BENNETT / Emily STEWARD   William George PALMER / Ellen ...   James M. NEWMAN / Hilda M. YOU...   Barnabas Robert NEWMAN / Matil...   Richard NEWMAN / Mary Ann WITH...   Thomas NEWMAN / Hephzibah S. B...   William NEWMAN / Emily BILLING   Edwin NEWMAN / Charlotte CLEGG   Richard John NEWMAN / Bridget ...   Claude Stanley SKIPPER / Maud ...   George NEWMAN / Sarah GAMBLING   Frederick J. WEBB / Emma Mary ...   Wilfred John NEWMAN / Kathleen...   Richard D. 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BARNES / Lilian Ger...   William NEWMAN / Ada BREWSTER   Thomas or William DAVIES / Mar...   Herbert WATTON or Evan John WI...   William James NEWMAN / Jemima ...   FRANK SMITH / Florence Annie N...   William Ernest Edwin NEWMAN / ...   George FOULDS / Ann Jane MILLI...   Thomas KILSBY / Mary NEWMAN   Daniel NEWMAN / Sarah SLOWE   Alfred NEWMAN / Ann MILLARD   William NEWMAN / Laura EVES   Albert MANSFIELD / Elsie May N...   John NEWMAN / Edith BARRETT   Samuel HARRIS / Emma NEWMAN   Harry W. G. NEWMAN / Louisa E....   Fred NEWMAN / Henrietta KEMBLE   Wilfred NEWMAN / Elizabeth Har...   Ernest Arthur NEWMAN / Amy WAL...   John Edward HINDE / Nellie NEW...   Clement Nathaniel MATTHEWS / K...   Harvey NEWMAN / Elizabeth Mans...   Alfred NEWMAN / Amelia SPARKS   Daniel KINGSHOTT / Julia NEWMA...   Reuben BUDGEN / Kate NEWMAN   Anthony J. NEWMAN / Margaret A...   John Benbow NEWMAN / Alice HOL...   Harold Arthur WILSHER / Doris ...   Joseph Edward NEWMAN / Sophia ...   Benjamin Albert YORK / Elsie A...   Aaron Newman TAYLOR / Mary Ann...   William Newman SUTTLE / Annie ...   James LEGGATT / Emily Avis NEW...   Robert John NEWMAN / Nellie UN...   George SAUNDERS / Frances WICK...   William NEWMAN / Ann COOPER   Benjamin READ / Mary Ann Eliza...   Robert Baden PARKER / Alice Ma...   Newman ASH / Sarah Ann LAMBOUR...   William George NEWMAN / Agnes ...   John Barker NEWMAN / Mary Loui...   Henry MESSENT / Rachel NEWMAN   Charles Parker NEWMAN / Mary W...   Charles Harry NEWMAN / Elizabe...   John DAWSON / Sarah NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN / Jane SMITH   Henry Amos NEWMAN / Helena Mau...   Charles Henry NEWMAN / Ethel K...   William NEWMAN / Eliza LASHMAR   George Robert NEWMAN / Louisa ...   Daniel Sidford NEWMAN / Ellen ...   Joseph F. SANDS / Elsie May NE...   Wilson STUBBS / Elsie May NEWM...   Victor H. DIGBY / Florence Eth...   Albert Samuel ISAACS / Edith A...   Herbert Baxter NEWMAN / Ellen ...   Frederick NEWMAN / Rosina BAKE...   John CAMERON / Alice Winifred ...   Claude James Noel NEWMAN / Mar...   George NEWMAN / Mary Ann TROKE   Alfred NEWMAN / Jessie WEARN   Walter NEWMAN / Mary Ann KELLY   Henry Edward NEWMAN / Fanny WA...   William TITT / Mary NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN / Alice M. STAN...   William DONOVAN / Anne Alicia ...   Joseph Wright MORTON / Ellen L...   Henry CLOID / Elizabeth BROWNE   John Henry HARDING / Lilah Eve...   John Charles NEWMAN / Nellie F...   Samuel J. NEWMAN / Ellen SHEPH...   St John Hewitt MACAULAY / Ada ...   Walter Saunders NEWMAN / Ellen...   Alfred Johnson NEWMAN / Annie ...   Herbert L. HASLAM / Dora Marga...   William Arthur NEWMAN / Nellie...   John NEWMAN / Isabella HALL   George THOMAS / Margaret Sarah...   Henry NEWMAN / Frances BLACK   Edward GALLON / Elizabeth McAL...   William Esdras NEWMAN / Lena S...   John BIRD / Alice Beatrice NEW...   John William WEBSTER / Mary An...   Albert COOK / Alice Emma NEWMA...   John H. PARNELL / Minnie Ethel...   Percy John NEWMAN / Edith R. A...   Leonard HACKETT / Adelaide Hea...   William Boosey NEWMAN / Mary C...   Ernest George NEWMAN / Susan M...   Henry Edward NEWMAN / Emily Ja...   Henry Louis NEWMAN / Evelyn Ma...   Evelyn Henry NEWMAN / Gwladys ...   Charles NEWMAN / Emmeline Mari...   Charles William NEWMAN / Elean...   Percival Trevor JACOBSEN / Edi...   Bertram George HURRELL / Minni...   Richard James RANKIN / Rosanna...   Robert NEWMAN / Jane LEWIS   Arthur CRANFIELD / Helen Emily...   William NEWMAN / Rachel NORMAN   Frederick John NEWMAN / Emily ...   Arthur Frank TURVEY / Alice Ja...   Frederick Charles NEWMAN / Len...   William J. MORLEY / Edith Fann...   Alfred BRITTON / Elizabeth NEW...   Frank Charles BARTHOLOMEW / Ed...   William NEWMAN / Mary Ann CLAR...   Isaac NEWMAN / Emma SHEPHERD   John BRUCE / Mary Seely PALMER   Abraham Mathew NEWMAN / Annie ...   Oliver William NEWMAN / Margar...   Abraham NEWMAN / Mary LITTLE   Sidney H. F. NEWMAN / Jennifer...   Henry NEWMAN / Rachel BALL   Arthur William NEWMAN / Emily ...   Percy MOLES / Daisy Elizabeth ...   James Elijah NEWMAN / Lily Eli...   Alfred Henry NEWMAN / Florence...   John Hornby MAW / Susanna NEWM...   James NEWMAN / Jane WHEELER   Thomas NEWMAN / Emma GROOM   William NEWMAN / Amelia Elizab...   Charles GOODYER / Ellen NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN / Annie Edith Lo...   Charles George NEWMAN / Harrie...   Francis George B. NEWMAN / Mar...   Herbert Charles JENNINGS / Ann...   Ernest Lewis G. NEWMAN / Eveli...   George NEWMAN / Sarah MOXBY   William George STEPHENS / Chri...   Henry COOK / Eliza Jane NEWMAN   George Watson NEWMAN / Kate Ge...   Charles Anthony HEATHER / Mary...   Henry Cambridge NEWMAN / Ada C...   Harry Thomas NEWMAN / Emma Har...   George C. SALMONS / Florence E...   John NEWMAN / Syndonia POPLE   Albert Edward NEWMAN / Mabel D...   Joseph NEWMAN / Eliza KEMP   John WOOD / Sarah Bridget NEWM...   George NEWMAN / Susannah FROST   William Harry NEWMAN / Elizabe...   William Harry NEWMAN / Louisa ...   Charles E. GRIMBRETT / Elizabe...   George William NEWMAN / Gertru...   William Henry NEWMAN / Elizabe...   Sydney MANNOUCH / Gwendolene N...   William NEWMAN / Ellen HILLS   William NEWMAN / Ada Matilda K...   William JEX / Louisa Archer NE...   Thomas John NEWMAN / Alice Emm...   Gilbert Francis NEWMAN / Franc...   John Allan SCOTT / Mabel Bessi...   John F. DREDGE / Grace Rosa NE...   James NEWMAN / Elizabeth Ann B...   Ernest William Richard NEWMAN ...   George NEWMAN / Elizabeth NURD...   George NEWMAN / Edith Mary WHI...   Herbert WARE / Dorothy May NEW...   Thomas WOOD / Harriott Lousia ...   John Alfred FARRANT / Elsie Ma...   Charles NEWMAN / Kate FISHER   Edward Huxford NEWMAN / Louisa...   William NEWMAN / Ethel WILSON   John Edward NEWMAN / Elizabeth...   Thomas NEWMAN / Emma MARGETTS   Robert Henry NEWMAN / Emily El...   James W. R. CURTIS / Florence ...   Arthur E. CLEMENCE / Dorothy M...   Charles NEWMAN / Jane CURL   Joseph NEWMAN / Elsie WALKER   Wilmot NEWMAN / Dorothy V. HOO...   Eric NEWMAN / Victoria M. LARG...   Matthew NEWMAN / Harriett WEST   Henry CURTIS / Emma NEWMAN   John WALLIS / Etheldreda NEWMA...   Allan Newman GUEST / Dorothy M...   James Gordon VINCENT / Jane Ke...   Benjamin NEWMAN / Elizabeth RI...   Stephen NEWMAN / Elizabeth BAL...   James WEBB / Sarah NEWMAN   William Ashby NEWMAN / Ada Ros...   Stephen NEWMAN / Elizabeth SAP...   John C. MOULE / Alice NEWMAN   Clifford Harry NEWMAN / Phylli...   Arthur William NEWMAN / Marion...   James NEWMAN / Mary Ann TALBOT   Charles NEWMAN / Eliza NORRIDG...   William NEWMAN / Anna RANDALL   Walter James NEWMAN / Maud Rho...   Walter James NEWMAN / Agnes Em...   Parmenas PERKINS / Emma Maria ...   John NEWMAN / Emma HARRIS   Alfred George T. NEWMAN / Jean...   Fredrick W. NEWMAN / Beatrice ...   Henry John NEWMAN / Elizabeth ...   Richard Henry T. TAYLOR / Anni...   Gilbert NEWMAN / Mary Ann GOUG...   George Edward Charles NEWMAN /...   Charles William NEWMAN / Rose ...   Leonard NEWMAN / Olive M, TOWN...   William James NEWMAN / Hilda F...   John NEWMAN / Jane JACOB   Edward John Orchard HAYES / Ag...   Samuel NEWMAN / Martha HAINES   Henry E. NEWMAN / Maud T. HOLL...   Harry C. HASLOP / Phoebe Eliza...   Henry John POLLEY / Adeline Ja...   Edgar LINN / Edith Mary NEWMAN   James John STEVENS / Matilda E...   Sidney BARTLE / Bertha Elizabe...   Lewis Henry COLEBY / Lilian Ma...   Albert John DANIELS / Edith MA...   Leslie Arthur Jack CALVER / Vi...   Frederick Charles REDGWELL / L...   Arthur AYLING / Mary Ann NEWMA...   William NEWMAN / Harriet JUDD   Lionel Richard NEWMAN / Rhoda ...   Frederick NEWMAN / Mary Ann Au...   Frederick NEWMAN / Emma CHICK   Harry DYTE / Alice Mary DERRIC...   Thomas CAVE / Elizabeth Jane N...   Charles John NEWMAN / Emily Tu...   George Peter BATES / Mary SMIT...   Edgar Robert BATES / Winifred ...   Edward BANNER / Mary Ann NEWMA...   George Edward FULLER / Jane NE...   Charles Edward NEWMAN / Lucy J...   Charles WOOD / Lily Elizabeth ...   John Hill NEWMAN / Maria Grace...   Edward Oakley NEWMAN / Martha ...   John W. MORRIS / Lillie Jane T...   George NEWMAN / Elizabeth MARS...   William NEWMAN / Ellen M. S. S...   Albert E. MARTIN / Florence An...   John Jeffrey NEWMAN / Edith Em...   William H. B. HANCHETT / Edith...   Harry NEWMAN / Kate OSBORNE   John Richard Walter NEWMAN / D...   Alec ISAACSON / Edna Gladys NE...   Sydney SMITH / Caroline ARBON   Alexander William NEWMAN / Jan...   William Benjamin SARGEANT / Cl...   Richard May NEWMAN / Elizabeth...   George William FERGUSSON / Min...   Arthur John NEWMAN / Winifred ...   Alfred FIRTH / Martha NEWMAN   David SCOTT / Florence NEWMAN   Leopold NEWMAN / Louisa PEACH   Harry NEWMAN / Emma HARRISON   George NEWMAN / Sarah WILFORD   John T. HIGGINS / Edith NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN / Susan BIGG   Herbert Albert KNIGHT / Louisa...   Edward J. PELL / Lilian Maud N...   John NEWMAN / Ann WOOD   Charles Edmond PORTER / Eliza ...   Peter NEWMAN / Maria GALLETT   George NEWMAN / Frances Maria ...   Frederick Thomas IMPEY / Rosam...   Arthur LAWRENCE / Azubah NEWMA...   Arthur Thomas FLACK / Caroline...   Joseph KING / Martha WHINCUP   Edward P. NEWMAN / Lilian D. D...   Abraham NEWMAN / Louisa WATSON   James HONOUR / Emily NEWMAN   Alfred George NEWMAN / Emily M...   Hamment STEVENSON / Georgina C...   William NEWMAN / Ellen USHER   James NEWMAN / Emily SUTTON   Sidney Herbert NEWMAN / Irene ...   Ronald TURNER / Beatrice Victo...   Donald Harry WATSON / Lily CHI...   John Wentworth ANGELL / Margar...   Josiah Hignell NEWMAN / Euphem...   Kenneth T. DAVID / Daisy Enid ...   Thomas Henry NEWMAN / Daisy ST...   Walter GRIGGS / Elizabeth JARM...   Henry Ashford WATSON / Martha ...   Joseph PRICE / Harriet NEWMAN   Ernest H. CARTER / May NEWMAN   George PRINCE / Charlotte NEWM...   Robert SMITH / Mercy Margaret ...   William POOLE / Ellen KEMP   Edmond James CHEATER / Eliza E...   Albert Charles Harry NEWMAN / ...   Rowland J. POATE / Dorothy Mar...   Richard David H. PITCHER / Ade...   Frank NEWMAN / Beulah PENTELOW   George NEWMAN / Elizabeth PETT...   John NEWMAN / Julia MAYES   Ernest NEWMAN / Annie E. MATTH...   George A. 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