Newman One-Name Study

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    June 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Nellie Ida NEWMAN   William ALLARD   William ENFIELD   George NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Maria HUNT   Annie Elizabeth DOVE   George NEWMAN   George TOPPER   Alice Eliza NEWMAN   Eliza TAYLOR   Joseph NEWMAN   Sarah Anne NEWMAN   Elijah THORNTON   Henry Newman BULBECK   George Arthur NEWMAN   Clara NEWMAN   George Newman WATCHAM   William NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Francis NEWMAN   Jane Elizabeth NEWMAN   Kenneth William NEWMAN   Edward Newman PLUMRIDGE   Daniel NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Mercy TYLER   Elizabeth BAILEY   Ashley Thwaites NEWMAN   Rebecca RADLEY   Elizabeth TURNER   Samuel Charles NEWMAN   Allan Frederick NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Susanna BACON   Mary WILKINS   Edward NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Hannah MERRITT   Sidney William NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Betsey WAKEFIELD   Louisa Lavinia CURRAN   Rebecca BROWNE   Joseph NEWMAN   Grace   Sarah OWERS   Douglas Havelock NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Flora Caroline NEWMAN   Alfred Edward NEWMAN   Brian Stanley DAWSON   Isaac NEWMAN   Berkeley Leslie Donald NEWMAN   James Richard George NEWMAN   Jacob NEWMAN   Jane MARKS   Thomas NEWMAN   Ellen UNDERWOOD   George IVALL   Nathan DILLIWAY   George NEWMAN   Robert Adams NEWMAN   Enid Iris Saxby DEEX   Joseph NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   William WEAVERS   Lewis SMITH   William MANBEY   Martin John NEWMAN   Dinah Susannah NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Martin NEWMAN   Mabel Elden LOYNES   Frances Beatrice BARTLETT   Mabel Annie NEWMAN   Constance NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Mary Jane SHIPTON   Jane Matilda NEWMAN   Samuel NEWNAM   Ann RUTTER   Ann ORRISS   Ernest Richardson BENHAM   Cecil Arthur BENHAM   William HARDY   Frank PULLEN   Clara Penney NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Charlotte SIMMONS   Benjamin NEWMAN   Edward James Benbow NEWMAN   Reginald Stacey NEWMAN   Samuel Ford HAYES   Edward MEAYERS   Roderick Duncan NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Morley Frederick NEWMAN   Ellen Elizabeth HAMPSTEAD   Lily Ada NEWMAN   George ROGERS   Elizabeth ROGERS   Sarah Ann ROGERS   Leonard Owen NEWMAN   Elizabeth Florence NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Annie Elizabeth COOK   Ethel Joan NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Ambrose Ralph NEWMAN   Reginald Frank NEWMAN   Edward BLACKWELL   Alice Agnes NEWMAN   Esther PINNACLE   Agnes Esther NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Clara TISLEY   Emily REEDER   Alexander NEWMAN   Elizabeth ALLUM   Edward James NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Mary Jane SMITH   Thomas NEWMAN   Dora Katherine   Jane E. NEWMAN   Margaret Milne Summers JAFFRAY   William Ernest F. NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Susannah May NEWMAN   Ronald A. NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Ethra Mary NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Caroline NEWMAN   Robert William NEWMAN   Emily Jane TELLICK   Martha NEWMAN   Joseph Jonathan NEWMAN   Elizabeth   Harry NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Martha SMITH   Elizabeth STRINGER   Eliza MARTIN   Hannah Eliza JOHNSON   Agnetta Selina NEWMAN   Sophia THOMPSON   Isaac CLARKE   Elijah NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Rhoda NEWMAN   Arthur Walter NEWMAN   Hannah CALVER   Fanny Garrington SWEETING   Robert NEWMAN   Mary Ivy BIRD   James SUTTLE   Charles DAY   Alice ?   Lucy PICKERING   Albert Thomas NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   James STIFF   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Priscilla NEWMAN   Robert Carl NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Emily COCKLAND   John Harker NEWMAN   Sarah Martha NEWMAN   Charlotte JUNIPER   Victor Archibald NEWMAN   Edgar NEWMAN   Elizabeth BARBER   Thomas NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Deborah Matilda NEWMAN   Ezekiel NEWMAN   Anne KINGSHOTT   Osgar NEWMAN   Maria Jane NEWMAN   Sarah GUNNETT   Maria GOOCH   Martha PLUMB   Sarah NEWMAN   Eliza Emma MISON   Margaret ORAM   Tom Ward NEWMAN   Thomas Lloyd NEWMAN   Jack William NEWMAN   Noah NEWMAN   Emma WILLIAMS   William CLARK   George Ronald NEWMAN, FCA   Edward NEWMAN   Charles James NEWMAN   Theophilus NEWMAN   Lena B. WHEELER   Jean GRANT-DUFF   Edward George NEWMAN   James Sydney NEWMAN   Anna NEWMAN   Alice Edith SPOONER   John Campin NEWMAN   Naaman NEWMAN   Doris Mary NEWMAN   Rachel FOOT   Alice Rachel NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Herbert NEWMAN   James Palmer NEWMAN   Annie Elizabeth NEWMAN   Ellen Margaret NEWMAN   Samuel George P. NEWMAN   Anne BUGG   Annie Elizabeth NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Amelia JEWSON   James NEWMAN   Charlotte MIDDLE   Rosa Emma CARTER   Hannah NEWMAN   Miriam Sarah MUSSELWHITE   Edward NEWMAN   Eliza Anna BLAKE   James CHAMBERLAIN   Ann BEAL   Sarah PIZZIE   William NEWMAN   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Martha Elizabeth HARWOOD   George NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Eve BROWN   Sophia CRAMPTON   Millicent NEWMAN   William John Limming NEWMAN   Alice BRADBROOK   Ada Amy NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Lucy WOOLFORD   William NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Jane LILLYWHITE   John NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Penelope SOAL   George NEWMAN   David George NEWMAN   Margaret NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Benjamin NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Caleb NEWMAN   Edward Newman PALMER   Robert A. NEWMAN   Julia Sophia ROSS   Lucy NEWMAN   Elizabeth Laura SMITH   Alfreda Ernestine Albertha BOW...   Thomas NEWMAN   John Grunson NEWMAN   Joseph Harradine NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Harriett LODGE   James NEWMAN   John Pell NEWMAN   Rahael Charlotte NEWMAN   Iden Thomas NEWMAN   Susannah BEDFORD   Ada HARROLD   Sarah Jane NEWMAN   Reed NEWMAN   James Smith NEWMAN   John Robert NEWMAN   George Frank NEWMAN   Kenneth Francis KEMP   Sidney Albert NEWMAN   Susanna NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Rebecca NEWMAN   Mary Ann BLYTH   Edward NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Harriet Aris NEWMAN   Ellen Margaret NEWMAN   Peter NEWMAN   James Robert BENHAM   Louisa Frances Elizabeth NEWMA...   Helen Margaret COOTE   Fred GLANVILL   William NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Sarah Rose HARRIS   Verdun Somme NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Susan HARVEY   Ann NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Rosa NEWMAN   Sarah Hannah NEWMAN   Samuel ELLISTON   Lydia NEWMAN   Lionel William SMITH   Eleanor WILLIAMS   Elizabeth Atherley NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   James CHAPLIN   Samuel ELLISTON   John NEWMAN   Solomon NEWMAN   Eve NEWMAN   Maurice NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Daisy NEWMAN   Kenneth Charles Horton NEWMAN   Catharine   Sarah NEWMAN   Sarah Charlotte SMITH   John NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Darius NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Frances CODLING   Emmeline Elizabeth HOWLETT   Nathaniel NEWMAN   Lot NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Hugh WALKER   Mary A. COLLINS   Elizabeth Annie NEVILLE   Sarah Ann BARTLETT   Eva Frances Mary MOULDER   Winifred MACE   Cecil Percy NEWMAN   Herbert Stephen NEWMAN   Lucy CRIPPS   Lyn Lloyd IRVINE   Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth ANCOTT   Herbert Henry BECKETT   Ernest Albert BECKETT   Edward James NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   William PITTOCK   Walter William PITTOCK   Rose NEWMAN   Percy Robert NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Ann   Helen Elizabeth GRIGGS   Henry DOUBLE   William Winney NEWMAN   Archibald James NEWMAN   Arthur PLAYLE   Sophia Hiskey   Frederick CRACKNELL   Maria Mary Ann HARVEY   Geoffrey Edward NEWMAN   Lily May MALYON   William Alfred COOK   Samuel Newman   Agnes Kathleen RANCE   Mary Ann GRIMWOOD   Emma Harriet NEWMAN   Stephen Playle   Peter RANSON   Daniel Thomas ALDERTON   Ruth NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Agnes NEWMAN   Phyllis Kate BUXTON   John HORREX   Thomas NEWMAN   Thomas BAILEY   Alice Mary WARD   John Arthur STEWARD   John Ebenezer JONES   Stanley James DOLMAN   Lydia Sarah TURNER   Matilda COBBIN   Mary Dewey RANDALL   Minnie Mary Jane MOORE   Charlotte CLEGG   Robert Dawson NEWMAN   Bessie NEWMAN   Albert J. CABLE   Eliza Ann ?   Charles PIKE   Sarah GAMBLING   Ernest Thorn NEWMAN   Olive May NEWMAN   Stanley Thomas NEWMAN   James WALLACE   Annie AMBROSE   Thorn NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Charles Arthur NEWMAN   Betty FORD   Mary Joan NEWMAN   Keith Robert NEWMAN   Ivy Ethel NEWMAN   Peggy J. WHITING   James EVERETT   John CROWHURST   Eleanor M. L. HARRIS   Emma Newman WELFORD   Kilner NEWMAN   Frederick Augustus NEWMAN   Bill NEWMAN   Nellie Ethra NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Sarah WELLS   James Newman KNOWLER   George BUTTLE   Thomas Charles NEWMAN   Fanny GOLDS   James NEWMAN   Thomas BRIDGER   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Francis NEWMAN   Walter Douglas NEWMAN   Pauline M. ROFFE   Alfred Bareford KEMP   William NEWMAN   Harvey Walter NEWMAN   Selina Martha DENYER   Frederick William NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Henrietta NEWMAN   Hannah STANDING   Beatrice Maud NEWMAN   Sarah DENYER   Edith Martha NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Bernard NEWMAN   Hubert Henry NEWMAN   Sophia EAGLIN   Edward CURRY   Emma ARCHDALE   Mary NEWMAN   Ann Jane ROBY   James NEWMAN   Arthur TIJOU   William NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Eliza GOBLE   Thomas NEWMAN   Susannah RAY   Newman ADAMS   Caroline PEVERELL   Betsey NEWMAN   Celia CROUCH   Thomas William NEWMAN   Elizabeth Sarah NEWMAN   Frederick Walter NEWMAN   Robert Edward Alfred WOOTTON   Edward ASH   John ASH   Joyce W. FAWCKNER   Winifred May SUMMERS   Gerty Priscilla NEWMAN   Annie Maria PARRY   James William NEWMAN   William James NEWMAN   Charles Oswald Thomas NEWMAN   Leonard John NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Willie NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Laura Kate FRY   Elizabeth Eliza NEWMAN   Anne CHERRETT   Louisa LEWIS   Mary NEWMAN   Daniel Sidford NEWMAN   August NAUMANN   James Duncan NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Sam William NEWMAN   Susannah Watering TOWER   Annie Elizabeth NEWMAN   Clement William MUMFORD   Frank NEWMAN   George THOMAS   John REES   Mary Jennie Hoskin Newman FORR...   Honoria NEWMAN   Thomas J. REILY   Mary ROUTLEDGE   Richard Joseph NEWMAN   John Henry SEDERGREEN   Newman SEDERGREEN   Richard Joseph NEWMAN   Jane Curry DUMBLE   Emily SAVILL   Constance May NEWMAN   Frances BLACK   Elizabeth McALLISTER   Margaret Ann WYLAM   Kate MAYLER   William NEWMAN   Susannah MUNDEN   Caroline CALEY   John William NEWMAN   Hannah COPPEN   Mary Ann Elizabeth SHINGLES   John NEWMAN   John James NEWMAN   Henry Edward NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   Jessie Rachel SMITH   Robert Martin NEWMAN   Caroline BUTLER   Alexander NEWMAN   John James NEWMAN   Elizabeth Mary NEWMAN   Walter James IVES   Frederic Henry NEWMAN   Eleanor Sophia Ada BOWLBY   John NEWMAN   Sarah Phoebe NEWMAN   Thomas Edward NEWMAN   Eliza HOLLISTER   Alice Mary Tweed NEWMAN   Arthur Maurice NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Jane Wiseman NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   Mary Ann ?   Sarah   Elizabeth KNOTT   Jane CONOLAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Ernest Edward PARKER   Richard NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Joseph Edward GYNN   Abraham NEWMAN   Joseph KEELING   Daisy Elizabeth NEWMAN   John Hornby MAW   Mary HOLDSWORTH   James NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Emma GROOM   Jane   Henry William NEWMAN   Joan B. NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Elizabeth RUDGE   Sophia DRIVER   Julia NEWMAN   George Joseph NEWMAN   Alfred Alexander NEWMAN   Ernest Lewis G. NEWMAN   Elias NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   John Richard NEWMAN   Richard John NEWMAN   Charlotte Phillis NEWMAN   Henry Isaac NEWMAN   Thomas Joseph NEWMAN   Henry FOWLER   Joseph NEWMAN   Cecelia Mary M. HEATHER   Mary Jane WALKER   Kezia Venus CROFT   Stanley Robert MORLAND   Charles William NEWMAN   Dorothy Sybil NEWMAN   Susan Mary SOUNDY   Clarissa Agnes Lydia HUTT   Emily CLARKE   Gilbert Francis NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Eugenie PERKINS   Edwin NEWMAN   Mabel Florence WELHAM   James W. NEWMAN   Jeanie McNaught NEWMAN   Alice Emily HALL   George Henry NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Robertina Llian DANN   Mary Harradine NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Cecil James NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Eugenie DRUSCOVICH   Beatrice Susan DANCE   William NEWMAN   Robert John BYGRAVE   Alfred John BYGRAVE   Richard NEWMAN   Stella Katherine BIRD   Etheldreda NEWMAN   Harriet Ann NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Eileen M. NEWMAN   Mary McGUIRE   John NEWMAN   Ann WOODS   Stephen NEWMAN   Mary Ann FRANKS   Charles Henry NEWMAN   David Collins HUME   William Frederick NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   William Henry KIRBY   Emily CLARK   Joshua NEWMAN   Louisa Elizabeth Lee RUSSELL   Frances Jane FLETCHER   Caroline Martin NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sarah YAXLEY   Eliza HAYNES   Mary Ann GOLDSWAIN   Charles James NEWMAN   Vera MARSLAND   David Newman ASH   Henry EDWARDS   Arthur NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Amy ALLEN   Rosina NEWMAN   Montague Jellico NEWMAN   Gilder NEWMAN   Jane JACOB   John Newman SPARROW   Thomas COE   Martha HAINES   William BRADY   Bessie Maria BRADY   Lilian Mary BRADY   Thomas CARRINGTON   Charles PHILPOT   Dora NEWMAN   Beatrice May BRYANT   Lilian Maud BRYANT   Frank Baldwin JACKLIN   Kevin James SPARKES   Neville BARTROP   Edward Froud NEWMAN   Eliza Jenifer KENDALL   Ethel Mary CARLEY   Sarah ?   Edward NEWMAN   William Henry NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Hannah THORNE   Thomas NEWMAN   Lucy Jane FEATHERSTONE   Charlotte Leane BUNN   Jennifer M. NEWMAN   Frederick George NEWMAN   Margaret Hilda NEWMAN   John Samuel NEWMAN   Clarice Mary WHITE   Lydia CUTMORE   Eliza Sarah NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Esther MALTHOUSE   George NEWMAN   Horace William FUNNELL   Alice Maud SADLER   Lily Amelia NEWMAN   Eli NEWMAN   Hetty Frances NEWMAN   Abigail Amelia NEWMAN   Rosa GILL   George NICE   Arthur NEWMAN   Emma SMITH   Jessie SMITH   Arthur PATTLE   George NEWMAN   Walter GARWOOD   Elizabeth LOCK   Maria Matilda NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Clements John NEWMAN   Isabella Mary NEWMAN   Bernard Alexander SARGEANT   Richard May NEWMAN   Ernest Arthur NEWMAN   Rose Emma E. SHACKELTON   Constance Rose L. FERGUSSON   Alfred Edward NEWMAN   Peter J. NEWMAN   Jemima LEVER   George NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Agnes NEWMAN   Maria PALFREYMAN   John NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Herbert Sidney NEWMAN   John Collins WILLSON   Charles William NEWMAN   Ann HILL   Henry Newman CHEATLE   Charlotte BROUGHTON   Mary   Joseph NEWMAN   Susannah LOVEDAY   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Jane TUCKEY   Daniel Christopher LINEHAN   Mary BRIENT   William NEWMAN   Abraham NEWMAN   Frances LAKE   Joshua COLEMAN   Frederick Alfred Gordon NEWMAN   Violet Amelia NEWMAN   Sarah GOLDING   William George NEWMAN   Caroline HEDGER   James NEWMAN   Sidney Herbert NEWMAN   Edwin BARTLETT   Rosetta PLESTED   Nellie Millicent NEWMAN   William Edward BAKER   Euphemia BELLINGHAM   Mary LUCAS   Harriet NEWMAN   Harold Jabez NEWMAN   Ann North NEWMAN   Helen Louisa POOLE   Mary LIMMER   Adelaide Lilian TARRANT   Elizabeth PETTIT   Elizabeth Alice Mayes NEWMAN   George GOMM   Ronald William NEWMAN   George W. G. NEWMAN   Rosalind Emma TROUTT   Elizabeth BEEVOR   John Charles HOW   William James NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Maria Johanna KERSTEN   Gertrude WAIN   Mary Craven HAMMOND   Charles Roy NEWMAN   Sophia BREWETT   William George NEWMAN   Victor Gerald NEWMAN   Minnie Helen GOUGH   John Henry NEWMAN   Ellen COSTER   Selina FORD   Charles NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Emily Margaret NICHOLLS   Christabel Clara NEWMAN   Annie Mary HILL   Samuel NEWMAN   Hannah PINSLEY   William Henry NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Alfred Thomas NEWMAN   Richard POWELL   Abraham George NEWMAN   Eleanor Agnes NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Frank William STEVENS   Evelyn Mary BLADON   William NEWMAN   Julia HAMBLIN   William NEWMAN   Martha NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Ellen Beatrice PUTLAND   Walter Henry DYOS   Sarah JOHNSON   Thomas NEWMAN   James Stephen NEWMAN   Ernest GREENSTREET   Ellen NEWMAN   Ellen SMITH   Annie SMITH   Harry Alexander NEWMAN   Harold BALDWIN   Jack S. NEWMAN   Ronald Peter HULL   Arthur NEWMAN   William JOHNSON   Edward Charles NEWMAN   Andrew ROBSON   Ephraim Bartlett NEWMAN   Ivor Frederick W. NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Elizabeth Alice NEWMAN   Michael WILCOX   Janet F. WILCOX   Eveline GOODWIN   Herbert Edgar NEWMAN   Martin NEWMAN   Lucy Elizabeth SHELLABEAR   James NEWMAN   Alice Gertrude SABINE   James William OLIVER   Beatrice Esther BELLAMY   James Thomas NEWMAN   Adelaide Constance THORP   Geoffrey NEWMAN   Enid Nellie NEWMAN   Arthur George SINGLE   Olive Gertrude EDWARDS   Alfred John NEWMAN   Luise Catherine WILD   Arthur John NEWMAN   Martha ?   Sarah FORD   David NEWMAN   Agnes WHEELER   Percy Sidney NEWMAN   Derrick NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Bernard NEWMAN   Jean Ruth NEWMAN   Sarah Cutler NEWMAN   Rosina Elizabeth NEWMAN   William George NEWMAN   Alice Annie TURNER   Maud Eleanor NEWMAN   Thomas William CROWLEY   Reginald Percy NEWMAN   Herbert Stanley NEWMAN   Alfred George NEWMAN   Hannah Elizabeth STRICKLAND   Bernard W. NEWMAN   Enid Mildred WATKINS   Alice Emma BALLS   Horace Frank NEWMAN   Donald Tindall MIDDLETON   Louisa Priscilla NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Albert John NEWMAN   William James Hermann NEWMAN   Anne LANGDON   Francis John Young NEWMAN   Ada Florence NEWMAN   Lily Rebecca NEWMAN   Phyllis Doreen NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Horton John NEWMAN   John Vout NEWMAN   Edith Mary NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Robert M. NICOL   Elizabeth BURCH   Charles Sidney NEWMAN   Florence Alice HAWKINS   Victor Hope NEWMAN   William Sutton NEWMAN   Elsie Rebecca NEWMAN   Albert Edward HOWES   Ethel NEWMAN   Betty Barbara NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Nellie HOUSE   Frederick T. HOWES   Beatrice Ellen NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Elsie May PITT   Kathleen Mary MONK   Benjamin NEWMAN   Lois DIVALL   Albert Edward Towner NEWMAN   Percival Richard Towner NEWMAN   Mildred Grace ROBINSON   Maria HOWLETT   Ethel Mary BROWN   Doris G. HILLS   Eileen Elsie JOLLY   Horace F. GREENWOOD   Harriet MORTLOCK   William Hallows NEWMAN   Edward Morley NEWMAN   Gladys Ada S. WILCHER   Mary Jane STEPHENS   Percival Alfred William NEWMAN   Daisy Alice WHITE   John Dancey NEWMAN   Maria Matilda NEWMAN   Edward Thomas NEWMAN   Susannah Plumb NEWMAN   Edith Amy NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   Frank Nelson NEWMAN   James George DOVE   Thomasin NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Emily Sarah NEWMAN   Clara Ann NEWMAN   Celia May NEWMAN   Joseph James NEWMAN   Sidney NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Charles Samuel NEWMAN   Mildred Grace NEWMAN   Isabella Elizabeth NEWMAN   Florence NEWMAN   Emma WRIGHT   Joseph WRIGHT   Marie Lilian NEWMAN   Gerard Riley NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   May Eveline NEWMAN   Edith May NEWMAN   Henry Daniel NEWMAN   Reginald Harry NEWMAN   Wilfred James NEWMAN   George Edward NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Jane Harvey NEWMAN   George Myall NEWMAN   Edward Arthur NEWMAN   Edward James NEWMAN   Louisa Clara NEWMAN   Isabella Jane NEWMAN   Maud Marion HURRELL   Joseph NEWMAN   Sophia NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Elizabeth Kezia NEWMAN   Eveline NEWMAN   Leonora NEWMAN   May Mabel NEWMAN   Ewart Reuben W. NEWMAN   Gladys Dorothy M. NEWMAN   Florence NEWMAN   Stanley Evershed NEWMAN   Thomas Leonard NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   Charles George NEWMAN   Anna Sophia NEWMAN   Ellen Edith NEWMAN   Kate Flora NEWMAN   Florence Mary NEWMAN   Rachael NEWMAN   Letitia Frances NEWMAN   Frederick Ernest NEWMAN   Emma Stammers NEWMAN   Sarah Jane TOPPER   Samuel ELSDEN   Walter William WINNALL   Ephraim John RAVEN   Elizabeth Newman ROLES   Clara Penney NEWMAN   Elizabeth Ann MILES   Elizabeth Alice Bell NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Amelia Margaret NEWMAN   Jesse Cyril NEWMAN   John Newman ELLWOOD   Nellie May NEWMAN   Arthur John NEWMAN   Minnie Maria NEWMAN   Eleanor GREEN   Theresa Jane NEWMAN   May Lilian NEWMAN   Clara Jane NEWMAN   Hannah NEWMAN   Lucy Clara NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Amelia Jane NEWMAN   Alfred George WATCHAM   Alice CLARK   Lily CLARK   William BOWERS   Hannah NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Emily Jane NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Elizabeth Louise NEWMAN   Amy E. FORD   Alfred Orriss NEWMAN   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Robert Harry BENHAM   Cecil Arthur BENHAM   Maudc Campbell MUDD   William Henry STAINES   Harry STAINES   William Ralph (gson) NEWMAN   Rebecca GOODWIN   Barnabas NEWMAN   Thomas Henry NEWMAN   Deborah NEWMAN   George William NEWMAN   Martha Elizabeth PILE   John PILE   Charlotte NEWMAN   May STONHOLD   Zebedee NEWMAN   William John NEWMAN   Albert NEWMAN   Fred NEWMAN   Alice Mary NEWMAN   Gerald Howard NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Ethel Gertrude POOLEY   John NEWMAN   Charles Philip NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Edward Joseph NEWMAN   Dorothy Mary NEWMAN   Sidney NEWMAN   Horace NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Walter MEAYERS   John NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Maud Maria NEWMAN   Martha CHAPLIN   Mary Martha NEWMAN   Arthur Alfred NEWMAN   Frank Herbert NEWMAN   Muriel A. E. BUSSEY   Frederick James NEWMAN   Sidney Thomas NEWMAN   Sarah Ann ROGERS   William MOULTON   Sydney Joseph SCOTT   John Edward SCOTT   Ann NEWMAN   Maurice DEUTCH   Robert NEWMAN   William Douglas NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Edith Maud NEWMAN   Thomas William NEWMAN   Charles Amos NEWMAN   James ATKINS   Henry NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Selina WOODS   Albert Richard NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Alfred William Phillip NEWMAN   Edith Mary LUCAS   Newton NEWMAN   Bertha NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Mabel May NEWMAN   Leslie John NEWMAN   Susannah May NEWMAN   Charles Edward NEWMAN   Sampson David MARRIAGE   Michael NEWMAN   Ebenezer NEWMAN   Mary Ann THORN   Kate NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Catherine Eliza NEWMAN   Ella Bertha NEWMAN   Ellen STOCK   Ann NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Hilda B. HUMPHREYS   William NEWMAN   Alfred Reginald NEWMAN   Jacob NEWMAN   Anna NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Rebecca Ellen STRUTT   Arthur NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Walter Jesse NEWMAN   George Walter NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Betsy NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Charles William NEWMAN   Edith Mary MINGAY   Emily NEWMAN   Isaac William NEWMAN   Kate NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Esther Emma NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Sophia Elizabeth NEWMAN   Annie Elizabeth LARK   Henry NEWMAN   Victoria Alberta NEWMAN   Kate Louise NEWMAN   Rosetta Emily NEWMAN   Louisa Jane NEWMAN   Kate Maud M. NEWMAN   Jack Bryant NEWMAN   Alfred Paul NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Eleanor NEWMAN   Emily COCKLAND   Emma NEWMAN   Daniel NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Frederick C. NEWMAN   Elizabeth Isabella NEWMAN   Shorley NEWMAN   Oliver Frederick NEWMAN   Violet Margaret NEWMAN   Maud NEWMAN   Ezra Eser NEWMAN   Freda Agnes NEWMAN   Osgar NEWMAN   Gertrude Augusta NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Benjamin PLUMB   Harriet PLUMB   Bertram G. OSBORN   Edward Ernest NEWMAN   George Arthur NEWMAN   Phyllis Barbara NEWMAN   Annie Margaret NEWMAN   Jane Margaret MARRIAGE   James John Richard NEWMAN   William Aubrey NEWMAN   Stephen David NEWMAN   William Betteridge NEWMAN   Harold Garner NEWMAN   Alfred Edward NEWMAN   Ethel May NEWMAN   Fanny NEWMAN   Rhoda NEWMAN   Arthur Stanley SAUNDERS   Agnes Harriet NEWMAN   Reginald Travis NEWMAN   Jessie Minnie NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Elizabeth   Alice Elizabeth NEWMAN   Ethel Mary CHALK   William NEWMAN   Charles Henry LUXFORD   Frederick John NEWMAN   Austyn Michael Clive DOWNING   Alfred John NEWMAN   Fanny Maria NEWMAN   Julia Elizabeth NEWMAN   Victor Alexander NEWMAN   Stanley MUNT   Arthur NEWMAN   Alfred William NEWMAN   Susannah Ingram NEWMAN   Sarah CHATTERS   Dorcas NEWMAN   Alex F. V. NEWMAN   Harry E. NEWMAN   Henry Walters NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Florence Rose BRITTON   Edith NEWMAN   George Richard MITSON   Richard George MITSON   Emily CARTER   Eleanor Ann Mallett NEWMAN   Lizzie NEWMAN   Montague Louis NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Daniel NEWMAN   Emily Charlotte NEWMAN   Lucy Jane NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Minnie NEWMAN   Robert William NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Emily Harriet NEWMAN   Florence Beatrice NEWMAN   Mary Attwooll NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Charles Edward Newman ADAM   Eliza Mary NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   James CHAMBERLAIN   Newman Joseph CHAMBERLAIN   Alice Mary NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Norah Kathleen NEWMAN   Harry Krantz NEWMAN   Minnie NEWMAN   Maud NEWMAN   Thomas Alfred NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Arthur Herbert W. A. NEWMAN   Dorothy Maud NEWMAN   Irene Evelyn NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   Percy William NEWMAN   Sarah Ann DRURY   Maria Elizabeth NEWMAN   Annie NEWMAN   Annie Jane NEWMAN   Silas NEWMAN   Henrietta NEWMAN   Anna Emmeline NEWMAN   Violet May NEWMAN   Ada Ellen NEWMAN   James William NEWMAN   Walter Edgar NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Arthur Newman BOLDEN   Frances Mary NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Ethel May NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Caleb NEWMAN   Ernest William NEWMAN   Reeder George NEWMAN   Edith NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Annie NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Ernest NEWMAN   Walter James NEWMAN   John William NEWBORN   Alice Maud NEWMAN   Emily Dora NEWMAN   John William NEWMAN   Richard NEWMAN   Louisa LARGE   William Hill NEWMAN   Albion William NEWMAN   Ann Grunson NEWMAN   Alfred William NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Alice Burton NEWMAN   Edward Harry NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Henry Albert NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   George Hugh NEWMAN   Charles Albert NEWMAN   Reginald William NEWMAN   Constance Julia A. HILLARD   Thomas NEWMAN   James Newman LILLY   Theophilus NEWMAN   Theophilus NEWMAN   Martha Jane NEWMAN   Henry John NEWMAN   Ethel Mary D. NEWMAN   Aretas Iden NEWMAN   Iden Thomas NEWMAN   Charles James NEWMAN   John Thomas NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Frances Annie NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Caroline Phoebe NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Faldwyn Netta Belbin CLIPSTON   Bertha May NEWMAN   May Pretoria NEWMAN   Ada Elizabeth NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Polly NEWMAN   Gertrude Brown NEWMAN   Helen Beechey NEWMAN   Thomas Beechey NEWMAN   Percy George C. NEWMAN   Ada May NEWMAN   James Norman MYDDLETON   Sydney John NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Harriett Edith NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Elizabeth Agnes NEWMAN   Charles John NEWMAN   Julia CLARKE   Herbert NEWMAN   Sophia POWELL   Arthur Wasey BENHAM   Henry ROYCE   Agnes Ellen ROYCE   Theresa ROYCE   Cyril Hart BORHAM   Margaret NEWMAN   Nelson NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Andrew NEWMAN   Frances Nelly TOWNSEND   Margaret Urbin NEWMAN   Tom STUBBS   Elizabeth Louise STUBBS   Maria NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Hilda Cicelene M. NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Ernest Willie STAINES   Robert James STAINES   Charles Edward CONWAY   Harry NEWMAN   Herbert Edward NEWMAN   Emily Margaret NEWMAN   Maurice George NEWMAN   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Newman Thomas TURNER   Walter Charles SANDFORD   John DAY   Sarah BIRD   May Margaret NEWMAN   Lionel William SMITH   Adelaide SIMPSON   Francis Woodgate MOZLEY   Zachariah CHAPLIN   James CHAPLIN   Silas NEWMAN   Charles James WAGHORN   Alfred NEWMAN   William George DAY   Edith Margaret EDKINS   Emma Agnes NEWMAN   Alfred Thomas CHAPLIN   James CHAPLIN   Charles OLLIVER   Robert John C. TURNER   William Robert PALFREY   Eva Dorothy NEWMAN   William Thomas DICKER   Violet NEWMAN   Walter James HOWLETT   Annie May MERRY   Kenneth Charles Horton NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Florence NEWNHAM   Anne Isabella NEWMAN   James WHEELER   Walter Edmund NEWMAN   Margaret E. M. NEWMAN   James STREATER   Frances NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Emma Sophia WRIGHT   George NEWMAN   Eric Douglas NEWMAN   Emily Mary Jane NEWMAN   Walter Philip NEWMAN   Emmeline Elizabeth HOWLETT   William NEWMAN   Alfred George NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Edith SHELBOURN   Josiah Ernest SHELBOURN   George SHELBOURN   Maud Freestone NEWMAN   Louisa ELSEGOOD   Harry Charles NEWMAN   Constance Mary Louise HUNTLEY   Mary Lilian NEWMAN   Winifred Laura NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   William J. KNIGHT   John William NEVILLE   Herbert Arthur NEWMAN   Henrietta NEWMAN   Frederick Charles NEWMAN   Ella REEVE   John William HAMMOND   Albert Mount NEWMAN   Archibald Gray MALBY   Florence Eliza NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Olive May KEECH   Dora KEECH   Alice NEWMAN   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Lily Gertrude NEWMAN   Francis Bernard TOOP   Florence May NEWMAN   Hannah NEWMAN   May NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   William BECKETT   Herbert Henry BECKETT   Alice Maud HISKEY   Frederick John BECKETT   Martha Lavinia SIGGERS   Leonard William NEWMAN   Joseph John NEWMAN   Alice Sarah NEWMAN   Annie NEWMAN   William Frank NEWMAN   Horace George NEWMAN   James Alexander NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Dorothy NEWMAN   Charles W. WILLARD   Frederick Charles NEWMAN   Elizabeth BUMSTEAD   Frederick James WARD   Lily May NEWMAN   Rose Alice NEWMAN   Daisy Ellen NEWMAN   William George KINNELL   Emma NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Gordon NEWMAN   Joseph Robert NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   William GRIGGS   Helen Elizabeth GRIGGS   Elizabeth WOODS   Lydia NEWMAN   Eleanor Louisa Shelton   Henrietta Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Ann CLARKE   Alfred NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   Pheobe PLAYLE   Eliza PLAYLE   Charles PLAYLE   Raymond Reginald LONGMAN   Ida Alice MUNDAY   Elizabeth Mary NEWMAN   Laura Amelia Jane NEWMAN   Adelaide FOULGER   Arthur NEWMAN   Joseph David TRICKER   Ernest William GENTRY   William Harry J. PRYKE   William NEWMAN   James Henry NEWMAN   Caroline NEWMAN   Walter Robert GENTRY   Frank GENTRY   John Leslie GENTRY   Clarissa E. GENTRY   Margaret E. PRYKE   John Albert E. NEWMAN   George Henry NEWMAN   Gladys May SAUNDERS   Evelyn Violet DAVY   Albert H. 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O...   Matthew John NEWMAN / Emily HU...   Ernest HOPES / Ethel May NEWMA...   Harold Henry NEWMAN / Daisy Lo...   Harold Gilbert NEWMAN / Doroth...   Josiah James NEWMAN / Kate CHA...   William James NEWMAN / Florenc...   Henry JONES / Martha Eliza DUM...   Reginald Philip NEWMAN / Evely...   William Henry ANGELL / Harriet...   Thomas NEWMAN / Martha TILEY   Austustine NEWMAN / Emily Marg...   Frank NEWMAN / Nellie BUCKINGH...   Leslie John NEWMAN / Nellie Em...   Joseph NEWMAN / Keturah WREFOR...   Richard POWELL / Sarah NEWMAN   Francis BRADFORD / Lauretta NE...   Joseph W. NEWMAN / Gladys POWE...   William Alfred NEWMAN / Elizab...   Abraham George NEWMAN / Ada SU...   Ernest B. BURTON / Gladys Elle...   Thomas GILBERT / Cicely NEWMAN   William R. CLARKE / Ivy NEWMAN   James ROSSIN / Rebecca NEWMAN   James T. SEAMAN / Doris L. NEW...   William Henry PEAKE / Lydia El...   Harry Alexander NEWMAN / Ada L...   Harry Edward NEWMAN / Alice Ma...   Edward NEWMAN / Kitty Dorothy ...   John Henry W. NEWMAN / Marian ...   Adam NEWMAN / Myra WAGHORN   Herbert J. WILCOX / Margaret M...   Alfred White NEWMAN / Charlott...   William G. LADD / Ivy Kate NEW...   Edmund NEWMAN / Bertha Amelia ...   James Henry NEWMAN / Ida BULL   Martin NEWMAN / Lucy Elizabeth...   George BUTCHER / Emma MATTEWS   James William OLIVER / Agnes N...   James Thomas NEWMAN / Mary WEB...   George Nelson NEWMAN / Grace H...   Thomas W. ROWELL / Hilda May N...   James William NEWMAN / Ada M. ...   Alfred John NEWMAN / Luise Cat...   Francis Howard GOODENOUGH / Ka...   Thomas John NEWMAN / Mary Ann ...   John Walter STEVENS / Rosina N...   Percy Sidney NEWMAN / Ella GRI...   Job LANGLEY / Charlotte EMMETT   John NEWMAN / Gladys Evelyn EV...   Francis Edward NEWMAN / Elizab...   Henry BABER / Ethel Florence N...   William George NEWMAN / Alice ...   Thomas Frederick NEWMAN / Grac...   William COOK / Bertha NEWMAN   Ernest J. SALMON / Frances Mar...   Frederick Charles NEWMAN / Lil...   William MACREADIE / Gladys Lil...   Stanley Leslie NEWMAN / Maud B...   Charles Richard NEWMAN / Alice...   Hezekiah PESKETT / Hannah SMIT...   Frederick William NEWMAN / Ida...   Frederick George NEWMAN / Mary...   James Bernard ELEY / Annie BRY...   Harry John SCRASE / Nellie Lou...   Albert E. HOLLINGSHEAD / Jane ...   Roy NEWMAN / June M. CHAPMAN   Harry L. HUDSON / Doris Mary N...   Jonathan William NEWMAN / Elsi...   Herbert DUFFIELD / Millicent E...   Thomas G. COLEMAN / Annie Loui...   Henry Robert NEWMAN / Mary Ann...   John NEWMAN / Mary WHISLAY   Alfred Reginald NEWMAN / Ethel...   Arthur William NEWMAN / Alice ...   Geoffrey Brian NEWMAN / Janet ...   Arthur NEWMAN / Dorothy Alice ...   Walter John NEWMAN / Elsie May...   George NEWMAN / Catherine Mary...   William NEWMAN / Mercy RICHARD...   Frederick George NEWMAN / Dori...   James Towers NEWMAN / Rachel V...   John RICHARDSON / Jill Veronic...   John David MARGETSON / Lydia L...