Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world


    August 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Charles NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Wilfred NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Leonard NEWMAN   Sarah REEVES   John Philippe NEWMAN   Lewis BAILEY   James NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Eleanor Ruth FEAST   Thomas NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Edna Ann CHALK   Matilda NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   James TANSLEY   Susan NEWMAN   Mary BEARD   Eleanora Mary NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Frances WELCH   William Newman THARP   Lilian Isabel NEWMAN   Edwin NEWMAN   Charles Robert HAYWOOD   John Franklin NEWMAN   Fanny Mary NEWMAN   Rhoda HART   Louie Sarah E. NEWMAN   Leslie John NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Walker NEWMAN   Mark Elijah NEWMAN   Bernard Edmund George NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Lucy NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Samuel NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   James Percy NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Andrew NEWMAN   Robert James NEWMAN   William John NEWMAN   Nellie HART   Mary NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   Ann   Caroline Elizabeth NEWMAN   Jean Mary NEWMAN   George Edward Terence HURLEY   Lillian Joyce BOWLER   Rose Elizabeth PARROTT   Terence Roystone NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sarah JOHNSON   Richard NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Mary MANNING   Sarah Ann NEWMAN   Betsey DAY   Anna Maria CHINNERY   Mary Ann BRETT   Fanny COLE   Lucy HAWKINS   Elizabeth SHARPE   Nathaniel NEWMAN   Arthur Jogn Robert McDONALD   Frederick William Newman   John Adrian BLAKESLEY   Eva Alice REVANS   Myra WOOD   William Charles NEWMAN   Thora Mabel WATTS   Doris Lottie May HALL   Kate NEWMAN   Mary SCOWEN   Winifred Maude HILLING   Enid Gladys WHITFIELD   Elsie SHORT   Felix James NEWMAN   Ambrose NEWMAN   Mary Ann CHURCH   Josephine Anne NEWMAN   Ada Selina NEWMAN   Lily BEER   Rebecca PAGE   Ann MAYS   Robert DAVEY   Hannah ?   Anne ?   John NEWMAN   Eric Charles NEWMAN   John Stanley RIDER   Thomas NEWMAN   Wilfred John NEWMAN   Edwin Frederick NEWMAN   Dorothy May NEWMAN   Leslie Herbert FANCETT   Charles NEWMAN   Ada Mary NEWMAN   Sydney Albert CABLE   Joseph NEWMAN   Arthur JOHNSON   Regina Elizabeth PLANT   Ann NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Henry John NEWMAN   Frances NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Cyril Frank NEWMAN   Anne PARSELEY   William GAMMONS   Dorothy Ambrose GIFFORD   Elizabeth READ   Robert Thompson NEWMAN   Susannah CLARK   Donald William NEWMAN   Susannah NEWMAN   Elizabeth Dorothea WHITMORE   Mary KIRK   Elizabeth NEWNAM   Sophia NEWNAM   Mary Ann NEWMAN   John PAWSEY   Charles Edward William NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Evert Victor NEWMAN   Edward J. NEWMAN   Henry Thomas NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Stephen NEWMAN   Robert BISHOP   Kathleen May SALISBURY   Richard NEWMAN   Sarah Ann TIPPER   Emily Ernestina NEWMAN   Charlotte NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Elizabeth   Esther NEWMAN   Lucy NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Elijah NEWMAN   Abraham NEWMAN   Gillian CODLING   William Edwin Fleming NEWMAN   Rodney Amies NEWMAN   Charles Edward Kingsley NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Elizabeth Hall NEWMAN   Walter Leonard NEWMAN   Joan May NEWMAN   Frederick George BIRD   Wilfred Richard NEWMAN   Nora CLAYDON   William NEWMAN   Heinrich Ernst Georg (von) NEU...   Alma HALL   John NEWMAN   John MALIN   Patricia Moria NEWMAN   Gilbert George NEWMAN   Elias NEWMAN   Laurence Richard NEWMAN   Charles Arthur SOAR   Arthur Edward NEWMAN   George Herbert NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   John CRICKE   Charles NEWMAN   William James NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   J. W. E. BEAGIN   Sarah NEWMAN   Hilda WHITE   Gertrude Daisy EVERITT   Victor John Gully NEWMAN   Jessie NEWMAN   Henry William NEWMAN   Bridget Phoebe NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Jane NEWMAN   Frederick William NEWMAN   Ann Hooke NEWMAN   Lucy NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Jane Matilda NEWMAN   Louisa NEWMAN   Andrew NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Harold Earle NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Michael NEWMAN   Hannah CHAMBERS   Albert NEWMAN   Mary Edith NEWMAN   Winifred NEWMAN   Mervyn Arthur Stanley NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Patrica Mary NEWMAN   Charles BLACKWELL   William John NEWMAN   Glads A. NEWMAN   Katherine L. NEWMAN   Mary Elizabeth NEWMAN   George Washington MYNOTT   Thomas NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Edith Sophia NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Eli NEWMAN   Harold George NEWMAN   Alfred Richard NEWMAN   Phillip NEWMAN   Mabel NEWMAN   George Reginald HILLARD   Catherine A.   Elmira NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Christian GODDARD   James NEWMAN   Annie Maria CHOPPING   Sarah SMITH   Arthur Reuben NEWMAN   Harry NEWMAN   Emma Elizabeth NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   Emma SMITH   George William NEWMAN   Muriel Louisa Elizabeth NEWMAN   Lily CARMAN   Ivy CARMAN   Edwin NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Harriet Abbey PHIPPS   Edith NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Catherine NEWMAN   John William NEWMAN   Roland NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Caroline Elizabeth NEWMAN   Samuel Alexander HALL   James Newman   Frederick Newman   Louis Philip NEWMAN   Josiah Byford NEWMAN   Ann Maria BASKET   Ellen Mary Bumpstead   Florence L. Bumpstead   Charles Alfred A. NEWMAN   Louisa STEWARD   William Edward NEWMAN   Victoria Laura MOSS   John S. NEWMAN   Hilda Gertrude M. NEWMAN   Frances Jane NEWMAN   Benjamin NEWMAN   Margaret TURNER   Florence Amy NEWMAN   Walter TANNER   John H. HEATHER   Sarah NEWMAN   Harriet A. JONES   Charlotte FOULDS   Jane Elizabeth NEWMAN   Susanna RUMBAL   ? NEWMAN   Mary NEWMAN   Madison M. NEWMAN   John Charles NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Clara NEWMAN   Arthur Samuel NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Mary BARTON   Frederic Charles ESTILL   George John NEWMAN   James W. NEWMAN   William George NEWMAN   Frederick W. NEWMAN   Ethel Lilian May NEWMAN   Elizabeth Mary NEWMAN   Jane Louisa NEWMAN   Albert BANKS   Willis Lyman WRIGHT   Mildred Augusta NEWMAN   Augusta Louisa Matilda NEWMAN   Edward NEWNHAM   Robert NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Emma Maria NEWMAN   Walter Leslie NEWMAN   Dorothy May NEWMAN   Peter W. PEAKE   Barbara Sarah NEWMAN   Ellen LANGHAM   Jessie Winifred CLARKE   Leonora NEWMAN   Herbert MEADEN   Arthur George NEWMAN   William Thomas NEWMAN   Charles William MURKIN   Dorothy Constance T. STRANGE   Kate Isabel NEWMAN   Joseph HARRIS   Charles William NEWMAN   Cyril William NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Emily Jane CHESTER   Arthur George NEWMAN   Ann (gdau) NEWMAN   Albert Arthur NEWMAN   Mildred Louisa HAYERS   Douglas John WATSON   Henry Martin MYATT   Grace NEWMAN   Richard Ernest NEWMAN   Frances Adelaide BIRD   Lawrence Edward NEWMAN   Ruth NEWMAN   Albert George NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Stella NEWMAN   Bertha NEWMAN   Stella MYERS   Henry NEWMAN   Moses NEWMAN   Thomas NEWMAN   Silas NEWMAN   Frederick William NEWMAN   Thomas PLUME / Marie NEWMAN   John NEWMAN / Elizabeth AGAR   Charles Herbert NEWMAN /   Samuel John LAURENCE / Emily J...   John NEWMAN / ? ?   Henry Stanley NEWMAN / Mary An...