Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world


    October 2017    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
John H. ENFIELD   Dorothy Agnes DALE   Mary Anne NEWMAN   Margaret Zillah TOKLEY   Thomas NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Matilda NEWMAN   Frank Charles NEWMAN   Donald Walter NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Arthur PHILLIPS   Charles NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Mary   Robert NEWMAN   Ann CLARKE   Mary Ann Clarke NEWMAN   Jacob NEWMAN   Miriam NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Dorothy ?   Dorothy Daisy A. NEWMAN   Richard Samuel NEWMAN   Susan NEWMAN   Henry Frederick MOULTON   Cornilius NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Robert G. NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Emma Amelia MILLS   Mary Ann COE   Daisy WOODWARD   Ruth NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Mary SMITH   Maude Ruby NEWMAN   Alfred HARTLEY   Henry NEWMAN   Susannah WALFORD   Benjamin NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Elizabeth   Cyril NEWMAN   Prudence BLACKWELL   John NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Irene Annie NEWMAN   Laurie Elizabeth NEWMAN   Helen NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Mary   Frank Elis Amos WHITE   David James NEWMAN   John Stanley Selby STRONG   Grace Ayles NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Robin McCELLAN   Doris Vivian BOLSTER   George NEWMAN   Francis Edmund NEWMAN   Victor Stafford NEWMAN   Hannah GREENFIELD   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Donald Richard HARTWELL   Frederick William John NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   Charles Albert NEWMAN   Elizabeth GRIST   Mary THEOBALD   Sarah DEAL   Sophia SQUIRRELL   James STRUTT   Raymond George CORNWELL   Anthony John CORNWELL   Ernest Charles NEWMAN   Ann   Emma Jane NEWMAN   Callie CROSLIN   Mary BAMFORD   William Alfred SAUNDERS   Henry Edward SAUNDERS   Arthur HAYNES   Constance Mary Louise HUNTLEY   Lydia NEWMAN   Lydia NEWMAN   Elizabeth HARRIS   Alfred NEWMAN   Elizabeth HALL   Minnie PITTOCK   Frederick NEWMAN   Frederick James WARD   William Robert WARD   Mary Ann NEWMAN   James Taylor   Sophia Eliza LAWS   Mildred Louise RUDKIN   Samuel Thomas PLAYLE   Mary NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Kenneth John NEWMAN   John William Samuel NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Walter Robert NEWMAN   George Albert NEWMAN   Raymond Clifford WHITING   Claude Stanley SKIPPER   Joseph STRINGER   Frederick Bernard de NEUMANN   Louisa Harriet BONNINGTON   un-named NEWMAN   Elizabeth ?   Edwin HEMSLEY   Mary TOWNSHEND   Emma WEST   John Denys RICHARDS   William NEWMAN   Grace COLLINS   Francis Harold NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Gladys Edaline May HALES   Charles NEWMAN   Maria Robinson HANCOCK   David John NEWMAN   Alexander NEWMAN   Dora May SHAW   George NEWMAN   Sally NEWMAN   Susannah MOORE   John NEWMAN   Molly SMITH   Joseph James NEWMAN   Verrall Maude NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Jonathan ARGENT   Gertrude Amelia EATON   John NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Tom NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Hannah LOATS   Sarah CHAPMAN   Kenneth William NEWMAN   Mary ATKINS   ? ?   John SALISBURY   Adeline Jane SALISBURY   Henry John POLLEY   Hannah ?   Nimrod NEWMAN   Richard H. NEWMAN   Hannah KELCHER   Ann NEWMAN   Alfred James NEWMAN   Margaret NEWMAN   Ann FUZZARD   William NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Mildred Ada NEWMAN   Reginald Harold PRATLEY   Phyllis Victoria HOLDSWORTH   Louisa Emma SHOEBRIDGE   Nellie NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Anthony David (gson) NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Daphne R. NEWMAN   Edna May NEWMAN   Ada Blanche MATTHEWS   Harry John SCRASE   Frederick Edward NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   Irene Agnes NEWMAN   Ivy M. HILL   Doris Ivy NEWMAN   Gladys Muriel RANSON   Silas NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   Harriet Ellen NEWMAN   Gladys Rose NUNN   Sarah NEWMAN   Richard Soame NEWMAN   George PHILLIPS   Reginald Kenrick DREWETT   Walter NEWMAN   Sarah NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   James Richard George NEWMAN   Sarah Sophia NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Arthur CLARY   Coral NEWMAN   Alice Leonora NEWMAN   Isaac NEWMAN   Thomas FORD   Martin NEWMAN   Mary Ann NEWMAN   Eliza NEWMAN   Hannah Maria NEWMAN   Alfred White NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Lily NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Bertie William NEWMAN   Jesse NEWMAN   Dorothy Harker NEWMAN   Frederick George NEWMAN   Edward William NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Ellen NEWMAN   Ann NEWMAN   James Edward NEWMAN   Ada NEWMAN   Mary Emma NEWMAN   Reginald John NEWMAN   Alfred Hugh GREEN   Christopher George GREEN   Mary Lily BARKER   Eva Alice NEWMAN   Annie Nora NEWMAN   Robert NEWMAN   William Richard NEWMAN   George Herbert NEWMAN   Gertrude Bessie NEWMAN   Thirza Elizabeth NEWMAN   Ethel Maud NEWMAN   Alexander Frank NEWMAN   Amelia Clara NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Julian Bedford NEWMAN   James NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Charles NEWMAN   John Henry NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Frederick NEWMAN   George Albert EATON   Louisa NEWMAN   Robert TURNER   Eleanor NEWMAN   Alfred Edward NEWMAN   Robert John HOWLETT   Gwendoline Irene C. NEWMAN   Eveline Alice NEWMAN   Harriet Elizabeth NEWMAN   Arthur Atherley NEWMAN   Agnes NEWMAN   Catherine NEWMAN   Dinah BONIFACE   George William OLIVER   Cecil Percy NEWMAN   Fanny NEWMAN   Bertie Mark BECKETT   Elizabeth PITTOCK   Frederick NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Kemble NEWMAN   Harriet Newman   Emma Harriet NEWMAN   Alice Jane NEWMAN   John GRIGGS   George Arthur Steward   Alice Nellie MANN   Lilian Helena Alberta NEWMAN   Berty NEWMAN   Daniel NEWMAN   George Edward NEWMAN   Jabez NEWMAN   Phoebe Cecilia NEWMAN   George John CROWHURST   Robert Austin NEWMAN   Sarah A. Newman   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Elizabeth Sarah Ann NEWMAN   John Edward NEWMAN   Esther NEWMAN   Colleen Rosemarie NEWMAN   un-named NEWMAN   Maria NEWMAN   Ernest Arthur NEWMAN   Leonard HEMSLEY   Henrietta NEWMAN   Arthur Edward NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Agnes Henrietta GRAY   William NEWMAN   Alice NEWMAN   Charles William BLOOMFIELD   George Albert NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Elizabeth Sarah A. NEWMAN   Julia Maria NEWMAN   Emma NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Edward Victor NEWMAN   Charles James Newman FORREST   Evelyn May FLINT   Florence NEWMAN   William J. GRAHAM   William Richard NEWMAN   James Alexander NEWMAN   Dorothy Beatrice NEWMAN   Susan NEWMAN   Emily NEWMAN   Alexander NEWMAN   Ronald Alfred HOCKLEY   Vernon PRICE   William NEWMAN   Abraham NEWMAN   George NEWMAN   Henry Sullivan NEWNHAM   Frederick John NEWNHAM   Mary Jane NEWMAN   Cecelia Mary M. HEATHER   Mary Agnes E. HEATHER   Ronald Stewart NEWMAN   Horace Albert NEWMAN   Irene Lilian NEWMAN   Mary Susannah Hilda NEWMAN   Florence Eliza NEWMAN   Jessie Louisa BUCK   Humphrey Frederick Ovin LANT   William A. NEWMAN   Martin NEWMAN   Melvin J. PROUTY   Elsie Mary NEWMAN   Sarah F. NEWMAN   Marion Lucy NEWMAN   Edward NEWMAN   Walter James SALISBURY   Ernest NEWMAN   Harriet NEWMAN   Charles Mapp NEWMAN   Ethel Mary CARLEY   Charlotte NEWMAN   John Edgar NEWMAN   David NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Amy Caroline NEWMAN   Elizabeth NEWMAN   Joseph NEWMAN   Arthur NEWMAN   Hilda Jessie NEWMAN   Isabella Mary NEWMAN   Rose RIDGEWELL   Emily Sarah NEWMAN   William Charles NEWMAN   Frank Herbert ROSS   Charles Allen NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   George CHEATLE   Charles James NEWMAN   Esther NEWMAN   William James TUCK   Constance Elizabeth IMPEY   Lucy HONOUR   Walter NEWMAN   Walter NEWMAN   Jabez NEWMAN   William NEWMAN   Frank NEWMAN   Elizabeth Rosanna NEWMAN   William Charles Rogers NEWMAN   George WERNHAM   Charles Edward BIRD   Sarah POCOCK   Henry Thomas SHUFFLEBOTTOM   William Purdy NEWMAN   Abner B. MILLER   Emma Nichols HAYES   Ernest Percy NEWMAN   George Stepherdson NEWMAN   Robert Thompson NEWMAN   Ethel May NEWMAN   Alfred NEWMAN   Nathan NEWMAN   Reuben NEWMAN   Curt C. NEWMAN   Henry NEWMAN   Emily Beatrice BUTCHER   Sarah Emma NEWMAN   John NEWMAN   Sidney Charles JORDAN   Ellen GREEN   John CONSTABLE / Maria BICKNEL...   James Amos MOUTELL / Mary Ann ...   John Benjamin HOWES / Charlott...   Abraham LILLY / Jane NEWMAN   Joseph Bertie PALMER / Ada Ger...   Henry KAHLE / Mary Jane RUDGLE...   William George ORAM / Annie El...   Peter HUMPHREY / Ann NEWMAN   John NEWMAN / Elizabeth UNDERW...   Douglas Newman BOLSTER / Marga...   Bertie James WARD / Ivy E. MUL...   Eric G. WORLLEDGE / Florence R...   William NEWMAN / Elizabeth GOO...   Leonard HEMSLEY / Mary Ann HAR...   Arthur NEWMAN / Canzada SHIVER   L. C. NEWMAN / Sue RIVES