Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world

Benalla, Victoria, Australia



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BILHAM, Harry  1888Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39076
2 BILHAM, Margaret Susannah  1 Aug 1885Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38974
3 FELDTMANN, Paulina Mary  1896Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39070
4 KING, Agnes Lilian  1885Benalla, Victoria, Australia I54524
5 KING, Alice Rose  1882Benalla, Victoria, Australia I54525
6 KING, Ernest Alfred  1887Benalla, Victoria, Australia I54523
7 KING, William Edward  1879Benalla, Victoria, Australia I54527
8 KNIGHT, Olive Lilian  2 Aug 1900Benalla, Victoria, Australia I34189
9 NEWMAN, Bridget Joyce  1 Jun 1896Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39075
10 NEWMAN, Catherine Rose  8 Jul 1883Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39095
11 NEWMAN, Charlotte  10 Dec 1906Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39270
12 NEWMAN, David  28 Apr 1876Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39091
13 NEWMAN, Elizabeth Cecilia  24 Sep 1889Benalla, Victoria, Australia I30042
14 NEWMAN, Florence  2 Nov 1903Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39230
15 NEWMAN, George Patrick  4 Jun 1928Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39059
16 NEWMAN, Grace Olive  Sep 1925Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39267
17 NEWMAN, Hannah Victoria  26 Dec 1898Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39067
18 NEWMAN, James  29 Jul 1877Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39092
19 NEWMAN, James  3 Aug 1889Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39069
20 NEWMAN, James Frederick  13 Apr 1919Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39053
21 NEWMAN, John  28 Apr 1879Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39093
22 NEWMAN, John Byron  19 Jul 1921Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39057
23 NEWMAN, John Thomas  22 Oct 1898Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39264
24 NEWMAN, Joseph  1881Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39094
25 NEWMAN, Joseph Andrew  28 Feb 1888Benalla, Victoria, Australia I30041
26 NEWMAN, Joseph Henry  6 Dec 1909Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39271
27 NEWMAN, Joseph Henry  27 Jan 1925Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38899
28 NEWMAN, Mary  1886Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39097
29 NEWMAN, Mary Ann  13 Dec 1891Benalla, Victoria, Australia I5998
30 NEWMAN, Mary Ann Alice  24 Aug 1875Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38817
31 NEWMAN, Rachel  24 Jan 1901Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39269
32 NEWMAN, Robert  21 Apr 1887Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38973
33 NEWMAN, Victor Robert  22 Jan 1923Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38976
34 NEWMAN, William  1 Mar 1894Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38897
35 NEWMAN, William McGregor  10 Aug 1917Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38902
36 NEWMAN, William Thomas  1888Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39098


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BILHAM, Harry  27 Mar 1975Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39076
2 JOYCE, Mary  23 Jun 1931Benalla, Victoria, Australia I24449
3 NEWMAN, Bridget Joyce  14 Nov 1910Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39075
4 NEWMAN, Grace Olive  Dec 1925Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39267
5 NEWMAN, James  1922Benalla, Victoria, Australia I24445
6 NEWMAN, John  1880Benalla, Victoria, Australia I39093
7 NEWMAN, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1966Benalla, Victoria, Australia I5998
8 NEWMAN, Robert  20 Jul 1963Benalla, Victoria, Australia I38973
9 NEWMAN, William  25 May 1928Benalla, Victoria, Australia I24450
10 SIVIER, Charlotte  8 Mar 1913Benalla, Victoria, Australia I3804


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EWART / NEWMAN  26 Jun 1912Benalla, Victoria, Australia F14344
2 NEWMAN / BROWN  1875Benalla, Victoria, Australia F11334
3 NEWMAN / JOYCE  25 Aug 1886Benalla, Victoria, Australia F11337