Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world

Fulham, Middlesex, UK



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Mary B. M.  Aft 31 Mar 1897Fulham, Middlesex, UK I53155
2 CHAPLIN, Alfred Thomas  Jun 1888Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23512
3 CHAPLIN, Charles James  Sep 1888Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23508
4 CHAPLIN, Esther Florence  Sep 1890Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23509
5 CHAPLIN, James  Jun 1890Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23513
6 CHAPLIN, Rosa  Mar 1895Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23515
7 CHAPLIN, William  Sep 1892Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23514
8 KNOTT, James William  Sep 1893Fulham, Middlesex, UK I51204
9 NEWMAN, Alice  Aft 31 Mar 1884Fulham, Middlesex, UK I53102
10 NEWMAN, Eliza J.  Aft 5 Apr 1886Fulham, Middlesex, UK I515
11 NEWMAN, Frederick  Aft 5 Apr 1876Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18622
12 NEWMAN, George  Aft 31 Mar 1888Fulham, Middlesex, UK I53103
13 NEWMAN, Jane  Aft 5 Apr 1888Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18628
14 NEWMAN, Jessie  Aft 31 Mar 1882Fulham, Middlesex, UK I53101
15 NEWMAN, John  Aft 5 Apr 1882Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18625
16 NEWMAN, Joseph  Apr 1854Fulham, Middlesex, UK I30415
17 NEWMAN, Lillie  Aft 5 Apr 1879Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18624
18 NEWMAN, Lillie  Aft 5 Apr 1885Fulham, Middlesex, UK I3587
19 NEWMAN, Mary  Aft 5 Apr 1886Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18627
20 NEWMAN, Minnie  Aft 31 Mar 1865Fulham, Middlesex, UK I38149
21 NEWMAN, Percy  Nov 1890Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18629
22 NEWMAN, Rose  Aft 5 Apr 1884Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18626
23 NEWMAN, Thomas  Aft 5 Apr 1878Fulham, Middlesex, UK I18623
24 NEWMAN, William  Apr 1879Fulham, Middlesex, UK I38282
25 STOCK, Lily  Aft 2 Apr 1888Fulham, Middlesex, UK I27273


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALEY, Caroline  Aft 5 Apr 1831Fulham, Middlesex, UK I37584
2 CALEY, Caroline  Aft 2 Apr 1836Fulham, Middlesex, UK I37584
3 CHAPLIN, James  Aft 5 Apr 1889Fulham, Middlesex, UK I23513
4 NEWMAN, Charles  Aft 2 Apr 1862Fulham, Middlesex, UK I38523
5 NEWMAN, Lizzie Matilda  Aft 3 Apr 1875Fulham, Middlesex, UK I38273
6 NEWMAN, William  Aft 5 Apr 1877Fulham, Middlesex, UK I38282
7 NEWNAM, Ella May Bussy  Aft 2 Apr 1889Fulham, Middlesex, UK I40609
8 WITHERS, Sidney Bernard  Aft 31 Mar 1873Fulham, Middlesex, UK I43992


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CALEY, Caroline  17 May 1858Fulham, Middlesex, UK I37584
2 NEWMAN, Naaman  17 May 1858Fulham, Middlesex, UK I37583