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Ipswich, Suffolk, UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Aft 2 Apr 1884Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27440
2 Emma  Aft 7 Apr 1836Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11914
3 ?, Louisa  Aft 2 Apr 1840Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9277
4 ALLEN, Eliza F.  Aft 2 Apr 1876Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27927
5 Allen, Ida Lottie  Mar 1893Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28091
6 Allen, Louisa Grace  Jan 1891Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28089
7 Allen, Millicent Mary  Mar 1887Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28087
8 Allen, Victoria May  Sep 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28088
9 ALLMAN, Cyril James  23 Jun 1895Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26786
10 ALLMAN, Percy Robert  26 Mar 1899Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26787
11 ANDREWS, Annie  Aft 31 Mar 1873Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I10858
12 ATKINS, William  Sep 1847Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9674
13 BAKER, Charles Turner  Aft 2 Apr 1858Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27935
14 Bennett, Bertram Arthur S.  Dec 1887Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28085
15 BIRD, Annie  Aft 5 Apr 1850Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I14255
16 BIRD, Susannah  Aft 5 Apr 1845Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I17166
17 Bumstead, Charlotte  Jan 1881Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27833
18 BUMSTEAD, Lilly  Aft 31 Mar 1891Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27836
19 BUTCHER, Albert Ernest  Apr 1885Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51750
20 BUTCHER, Doris Miriam  23 Mar 1909Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26892
21 BUTCHER, Edward Joseph  Dec 1893Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51753
22 BUTCHER, Hugh Alfred  Jul 1890Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51752
23 BUTCHER, Rose Edith F.  Mar 1887Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51751
24 CALVER, Emily  Aft 2 Apr 1875Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30619
25 CALVER, Leslie Arthur Jack  22 Jul 1901Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I44783
26 CAMPBELL, Kate Maria  Aft 2 Apr 1885Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8475
27 CLOID, Henry  Aft 7 Apr 1819Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I36593
28 COOK, Annie Elizabeth  21 Nov 1883Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9268
29 Cook, Cyril George  1921Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27737
30 Cook, Ivan  Abt 1940Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27729
31 CRACKNELL, Frederick Leonard  20 May 1894Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26861
32 CRACKNELL, Winifred Lily May  10 Jan 1897Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26862
33 DALBY, Frances May  Mar 1909Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8737
34 DALBY, James Henry Benstead  Aft 2 Apr 1871Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27337
35 DALBY, Miriam Susan  Dec 1906Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8736
36 Davey, Charles  8 Sep 1871Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27596
37 DAVEY, Maria  13 Mar 1869Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27595
38 DAVY, Maria  Aft 2 Apr 1867Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27901
39 DEBNEY, David  Aft 2 Apr 1803Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I50990
40 DEBNEY, Emma  Aft 5 Apr 1828Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26871
41 DURRANT, Bartolla Lucy  Aft 31 Mar 1863Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8574
42 DURRANT, Ernest  Aft 3 Apr 1875Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I14606
43 EATON, Alice Maud  Jun 1893Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30837
44 EATON, Charles James  Mar 1889Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30835
45 EATON, Hilda Victoria  Jun 1897Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30838
46 EATON, Mabel Grace  Sep 1891Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30836
47 EATON, Thomas Clifford  Jun 1899Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30839
48 EATON, Violet May  Sep 1905Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30826
49 EATON, Walter Cyril  Mar 1902Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30840
50 Frost, Grace Violet  1898Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I25864

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barham, Thomas Francis David  11 Jan 1999Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27742
2 BUTCHER, George William  Dec 1955Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51749
3 CAMPION, Elsie May  Jul 1979Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26380
4 Cook, Cyril George  Abt 1990Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27737
5 Cook, Ivan  Abt 1990Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27729
6 COOK, William Alfred  Jun 1974Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27075
7 DALBY, Frances May  Mar 1909Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8737
8 DICKERSON, Robert Henry  24 Oct 1992Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27709
9 DRIVER, Deborah  Jul 1875Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26519
10 ELLISTON, George Alfred  Sep 1929Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26390
11 FULCHER, William  Dec 1903Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I43539
12 GROOM, Frederick James Oliver  Jan 1991Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26379
13 Hilling, Denis J.  1917Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26981
14 Hilling, Ernest J.  1929Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26993
15 HOWLETT, Audrey May  2004Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I7659
16 KINNELL, William George  Jan 1949Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26389
17 LING, Lily  17 Oct 1934Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27131
18 NEWMAN, Arthur Henry  Mar 1908Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26405
19 NEWMAN, David Edgar  17 Apr 2017Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I53983
20 NEWMAN, Derek O.  19 Sep 2014Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I45762
21 NEWMAN, Ellen  16 May 1948Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26281
22 NEWMAN, Frank Diver  Mar 1951Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26783
23 NEWMAN, Frederick William  Apr 1994Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I14539
24 NEWMAN, Georgina Mildred Marina  2006Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I13556
25 NEWMAN, Isabel May  1 Jul 1980Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27087
26 NEWMAN, Joan A.  May 2015Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I47865
27 NEWMAN, Joshua George  Apr 1881Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11861
28 NEWMAN, Leslie John  Aug 2014Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I10667
29 NEWMAN, Lily Ada  7 Mar 1869Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26781
30 NEWMAN, Olive Evelyn  28 Feb 1999Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27610
31 NEWMAN, Phyllis May  Feb 1993Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27130
32 NEWMAN, Robert James  15 Apr 1965Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26854
33 NEWMAN, Robert John  10 Sep 1996Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I13551
34 NEWMAN, Walter John  Nov 1993Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I6951
35 NEWMAN, Walter Oliver  19 Sep 1868Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26779
36 NEWMAN, William  23 Dec 1858Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26776
37 PAWSEY, Julia  30 Nov 1907Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I43537
38 POOLEY, May Winifred  7 Sep 1988Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27013
39 REED, Thomas  Sep 1939Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26293
40 RENEL, Leonard Stanley  Nov 1995Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27267
41 RIDDLESTONE, Edith Maud  16 Aug 1981Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27619
42 SABINE, Alice Gertrude  Jun 1955Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I51754
43 Taylor, Amos  Abt 1980Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27732
44 WARD, Frederick  11 Feb 1944Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26292
45 WARD, Percy Charles  Jul 1980Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26307
46 WARD, Rose Lilian  Jul 1982Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26353
47 WARD, William Robert  Oct 1973Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NEWMAN, Caleb Joshua  Feb 1933Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26778
2 NEWMAN, Lillian Mary Winifred  Feb 1970Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26848
3 NEWMAN, Lily Ada  Mar 1869Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26781
4 NEWMAN, Walter Oliver  Sep 1868Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26779
5 NEWMAN, William  Dec 1858Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26776
6 STEWARD, Rosa  Dec 1929Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ALLMAN, Percy Robert  Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26787
2 NEWMAN, Caleb Joshua  C1862Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26778
3 NEWMAN, William  3 Dec 1858Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26776
4 NEWMAN, William Arthur  C1861Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Aft 3 Apr 1838Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11914
2 Emma  Aft 2 Apr 1839Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11914
3 ANDREWS, Annie  Aft 2 Apr 1874Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I10858
4 ATKINS, William  Aft 30 Mar 1846Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9674
5 BECKETT, James  Aft 5 Apr 1842Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I25811
6 BECKETT, James  Aft 2 Apr 1843Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I25811
7 Bennett, Arthur  Aft 05 Apr 1860Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28084
8 CLOID, Henry  Aft 3 Apr 1820Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I36593
9 Davey, Charles  Aft 03 Apr 1870Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27596
10 DAVY, Maria  Aft 31 Mar 1869Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27901
11 ELLISTON, George Alfred  Aft 31 Mar 1867Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26390
12 GASCOINE, George William  Aft 5 Apr 1886Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30827
13 GORHAM, Robert  Aft 31 Mar 1848Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27612
14 HORREX, Alice  Aft 5 Apr 1852Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27902
15 MATTEWS, Emma  Aft 2 Apr 1849Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26876
16 MILLS, Laura Amelia  Aft 3 Apr 1845Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27439
17 MILLS, Laura Amelia  Aft 5 Apr 1847Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27439
18 NEWMAN, Alfred  Aft 2 Apr 1862Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26872
19 NEWMAN, Clifford Edward  Aft 2 Apr 1906Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I2679
20 NEWMAN, Elizabeth  Aft 2 Apr 1898Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30746
21 NEWMAN, Ernest Albert  Aft 31 Mar 1895Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27824
22 NEWMAN, Esther Sarah  Aft 3 Apr 1865Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26780
23 NEWMAN, Florence Ellen  Aft 2 Apr 1905Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30769
24 NEWMAN, Florence Kathleen Dreyfus  Aft 31 Mar 1898Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26870
25 NEWMAN, Frank Walter Cardinal  Aft 31 Mar 1894Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26868
26 NEWMAN, Harriet  Aft 7 Apr 1855Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I12683
27 NEWMAN, Harriet  Aft 3 Apr 1856Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I12683
28 NEWMAN, Isabel May  Aft 2 Apr 1903Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27087
29 NEWMAN, Jack Marcus  Aft 31 Mar 1896Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26869
30 NEWMAN, James  Aft 7 Apr 1818Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I40882
31 NEWMAN, James  Aft 3 Apr 1821Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I40882
32 NEWMAN, John Arthur  Aft 5 Apr 1871Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26877
33 NEWMAN, Kathleen Maud  Aft 31 Mar 1899Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I30747
34 NEWMAN, Maria Ann  Aft 7 Apr 1851Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I44005
35 NEWMAN, Maud  Aft 5 Apr 1883Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27438
36 Newman, Rosannah  Aft 31 Mar 1852Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27153
37 NEWMAN, Sarah  Aft 31 Mar 1870Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26278
38 NEWMAN, Thomas Charles  Aft 5 Apr 1884Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11884
39 NEWMAN, Walter  Aft 2 Apr 1874Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I8386
40 RUSHBROOK, Melinda Eugene  Aft 2 Apr 1871Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I46026
41 Steward, Emily  Aft 05 Apr 1862Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28072
42 Steward, Laura  Aft 03 Apr 1861Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27869


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 ALLARD, Ronald Sidney  Dec 1985Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I4
2 RIDDLESTONE, Edith Maud  Aug 1981Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 GRACE, Lillian Sarah  24 Oct 1962Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I25456
2 HARVEY, Jessie May  15 Nov 1956Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I28039
3 NEWMAN, Abraham  27 Dec 1870Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11490
4 NEWMAN, Arnold Rudolph  19 Apr 1995Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I49495
5 NEWMAN, Cara Mary  18 Apr 1886Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I49496
6 NEWMAN, George  10 Jul 1869Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11929
7 NEWMAN, Henry Edmund  20 Nov 1975Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9381
8 NEWMAN, Israel Arthur  3 Sep 1951Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I26342
9 NEWMAN, James  6 Aug 1947Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I11548
10 Newman, Joshua  Jun 1908Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I27569
11 NEWMAN, Nellie  24 Jul 1975Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I9832
12 NEWMAN, Oswald Robert  27 Nov 1883Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I16806
13 NEWMAN, Thomas  26 Oct 1880Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I21943
14 NEWMAN, William James  18 Nov 1908Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I1467
15 SIMPSON, Mary  25 Jun 1874Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I15254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 NEWMAN, Joan A.  May 2015Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I47865
2 NEWMAN, Michael  2006Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I15502
3 NEWMAN, Walter John  1987Ipswich, Suffolk, UK I6951


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EDWICK / NEWMAN  1896Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F4471
2 HILLING / NEWMAN  Dec 1912Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10359
3 KINNELL / WARD  Apr 1920Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10168
4 NEWMAN / HOWLETT  Sep 1947Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F8548
5 NEWMAN / NORTON  Dec 1916Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10373
6 NEWMAN / POOLEY  Mar 1921Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10364
7 RENEL / NEWMAN  Dec 1931Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10466
8 RUTHERFORD / NEWMAN  Jun 1926Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10451
9 WORLLEDGE / NEWMAN  Oct 1932Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10367


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   Family    Census    Family ID 
1 NEWMAN / SHILLING  7 Apr 1861Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10318


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 COOK / NEWMAN  1960-74Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F10376
2 NEWMAN / FROSTICK  9 Sep 1916Ipswich, Suffolk, UK F4120