Newman One-Name Study

Discovering our Ancestors through out the world

Lambeth, London, UK



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLVILL, Benjamin  24 Nov 1890Lambeth, London, UK I9250
2 GORDON, George Walter T.  13 Sep 1910Lambeth, London, UK I29729
3 LAVER, Charles Frederick  28 May 1912Lambeth, London, UK I9305
4 LAVER, Rosina Ellen  Sep 1908Lambeth, London, UK I9255
5 NEWMAN, Bertram Thomas  1 Jan 1914Lambeth, London, UK I49691
6 NEWMAN, Bessie  Aft 31 Mar 1894Lambeth, London, UK I31429
7 NEWMAN, Ellen May  29 May 1894Lambeth, London, UK I9203
8 NEWMAN, Emily May  Apr 1906Lambeth, London, UK I45233
9 NEWMAN, Ethel May  Jun 1891Lambeth, London, UK I19001
10 NEWMAN, Frederick  15 Aug 1896Lambeth, London, UK I9213
11 NEWMAN, Frederick Alfred  14 Jan 1912Lambeth, London, UK I49690
12 NEWMAN, Grace  27 Feb 1899Lambeth, London, UK I9210
13 NEWMAN, James H.  Aft 31 Mar 1897Lambeth, London, UK I31431
14 NEWMAN, Katherine  Dec 1909Lambeth, London, UK I45235
15 NEWMAN, Lilian  Dec 1892Lambeth, London, UK I13024
16 NEWMAN, Maud M.  Aft 31 Mar 1891Lambeth, London, UK I31428
17 NEWMAN, Maurice  5 Jan 1892Lambeth, London, UK I9247
18 NEWMAN, Maurice Henry Frederick  8 May 1924Lambeth, London, UK I9257
19 NEWMAN, Paul David  16 Mar 1974Lambeth, London, UK I33858
20 NEWMAN, Percy Charles  10 Dec 1908Lambeth, London, UK I49687
21 NEWMAN, Phoebe Gladys  27 Feb 1918Lambeth, London, UK I49693
22 NEWMAN, Phyllis Amy  6 Jun 1909Lambeth, London, UK I27369
23 NEWMAN, Reginald George  25 Feb 1904Lambeth, London, UK I49686
24 NEWMAN, Rosina  4 Dec 1890Lambeth, London, UK I9202
25 NEWMAN, Victoria  Aft 2 Apr 1893Lambeth, London, UK I45227
26 NEWMAN, Violet  Aft 31 Mar 1895Lambeth, London, UK I31430
27 NEWMAN, William  Aft 2 Apr 1897Lambeth, London, UK I45228
28 NEWMAN, William Albert  Sep 1907Lambeth, London, UK I45234
29 NEWMAN, William Richard  Jun 1890Lambeth, London, UK I33249
30 SCHOFIELD, Albert  Aft 2 Apr 1901Lambeth, London, UK I33255
31 SCHOFIELD, Nellie  Aft 2 Apr 1905Lambeth, London, UK I33256
32 SCOTT, Cecilia Francis  1 Feb 1935Lambeth, London, UK I28047
33 STONE, Mabel Florence  Feb 1891Lambeth, London, UK I36599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 NEWMAN, Harriet Andrews  3 Sep 1957Lambeth, London, UK I4787
2 NEWMAN, Maurice  Mar 1892Lambeth, London, UK I9247
3 PITTOCK, William  Jun 1937Lambeth, London, UK I26247
4 SCHOFIELD, James Charles  Dec 1920Lambeth, London, UK I33253


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CRANE, Eliza Matilda  Aft 5 Apr 1860Lambeth, London, UK I47661
2 NEWMAN, Arthur Maurice Tweed  Aft 31 Mar 1898Lambeth, London, UK I32967
3 NEWMAN, William Albert  Aft 2 Apr 1906Lambeth, London, UK I45234
4 SLACK, Emily  Aft 5 Apr 1860Lambeth, London, UK I9198


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WOOD / NEWMAN  Mar 1899Lambeth, London, UK F7488