Newman One-Name Study

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South Australia, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRYANT, Charlotte  C1880South Australia, Australia I28486
2 CHEFFIRS, Dorothy Genevieve  1905South Australia, Australia I34130
3 CHEFFIRS, Gwendoline May  1894South Australia, Australia I34128
4 CHEFFIRS, John Edward  1907South Australia, Australia I34131
5 CHEFFIRS, Lilla Beatrice  1892South Australia, Australia I34127
6 CHEFFIRS, Thomas Clarence Keith  1902South Australia, Australia I34129
7 GREGOR, Edna Blanche  1896South Australia, Australia I34152
8 GREGOR, Nellie Harris  1894South Australia, Australia I34151
9 GROCOCK, Eric Ernest  1895South Australia, Australia I34135
10 GROCOCK, Florence Hazel Jean  1894South Australia, Australia I34134
11 GROCOCK, Thomas Edward  1898South Australia, Australia I34136
12 GROCOCK, Vera Grace  1906South Australia, Australia I34137
13 HERBERT, Charles Edward  7 Jan 1865South Australia, Australia I44166
14 HERBERT, George  26 Dec 1867South Australia, Australia I44167
15 HERBERT, John  3 Jun 1862South Australia, Australia I44165
16 NEWMAN, Alan  C1892South Australia, Australia I38858
17 NEWMAN, Annie  C1904South Australia, Australia I38864
18 NEWMAN, Anthony Ralph  18 Sep 1849South Australia, Australia I20498
19 NEWMAN, Archibald  C1882South Australia, Australia I38853
20 NEWMAN, Charles  1849South Australia, Australia I38831
21 NEWMAN, Charles  C1880South Australia, Australia I38852
22 NEWMAN, Clive  C1884South Australia, Australia I38854
23 NEWMAN, Dallas Escourt  27 Feb 1903South Australia, Australia I34164
24 NEWMAN, Elsie  C1902South Australia, Australia I38863
25 NEWMAN, Ethel Joyce  C1905South Australia, Australia I44293
26 NEWMAN, Ethel Mary  C1882South Australia, Australia I44277
27 NEWMAN, F.  C1900South Australia, Australia I38862
28 NEWMAN, Florence  C1906South Australia, Australia I38865
29 NEWMAN, Francis John  C1887South Australia, Australia I44279
30 NEWMAN, Frederick William  C1855South Australia, Australia I20485
31 NEWMAN, George  C1886South Australia, Australia I38855
32 NEWMAN, George Gough  C1860South Australia, Australia I20484
33 NEWMAN, Grace Susan  C1885South Australia, Australia I44278
34 NEWMAN, H. B.  C1898South Australia, Australia I38861
35 NEWMAN, H. D.  C1896South Australia, Australia I38860
36 NEWMAN, Harold Alfred  C1900South Australia, Australia I44292
37 NEWMAN, Herbert  C1890South Australia, Australia I38857
38 NEWMAN, Herbert Alfred  1863South Australia, Australia I38833
39 NEWMAN, Herbert Alfred  C1890South Australia, Australia I44256
40 NEWMAN, Jane  1847South Australia, Australia I38830
41 NEWMAN, June Avis  16 Jun 1927South Australia, Australia I34226
42 NEWMAN, Leslie Allen  14 Aug 1903South Australia, Australia I34113
43 NEWMAN, Lillian  C1882South Australia, Australia I44285
44 NEWMAN, Mary Josephine  18 Jun 1937South Australia, Australia I34230
45 NEWMAN, Muriel  C1888South Australia, Australia I44287
46 NEWMAN, O. T.  C1840South Australia, Australia I43714
47 NEWMAN, Olive  C1880South Australia, Australia I44284
48 NEWMAN, R. L.  C1894South Australia, Australia I38859
49 NEWMAN, Valerie Daffodil  14 Jan 1907South Australia, Australia I34165
50 NEWMAN, Violet  C1885South Australia, Australia I44286

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  8 May 1928South Australia, Australia I29540
2 BERESFORD, William  26 Mar 1982South Australia, Australia I34211
3 CARMICHAEL, Maria Mary  1959South Australia, Australia I38835
4 CHEFFIRS, Thomas  30 Jul 1939South Australia, Australia I34126
5 DUNN, Mary  3 Aug 1893South Australia, Australia I38828
6 GROTE, Hannah  South Australia, Australia I20481
7 KEARNS, Minnie Keywood  4 Sep 1975South Australia, Australia I34235
8 MITCHELL, John Henry Parkes  20 May 1977South Australia, Australia I34214
9 NEWMAN, Charles  1849South Australia, Australia I38831
10 NEWMAN, Dallas Escourt  8 Apr 1903South Australia, Australia I34164
11 NEWMAN, Edyth Dagmar  30 Sep 1992South Australia, Australia I18278
12 NEWMAN, Ethel Mary  C1902South Australia, Australia I44277
13 NEWMAN, Frederick William  Mar 1911South Australia, Australia I29535
14 NEWMAN, Grace Susan  C1909South Australia, Australia I44278
15 NEWMAN, Herbert Alfred  1947South Australia, Australia I38833
16 NEWMAN, Jane  1878South Australia, Australia I38830
17 NEWMAN, Jane Eliza  C1920South Australia, Australia I20645
18 NEWMAN, John Ivan  9 Jun 2005South Australia, Australia I34318
19 NEWMAN, Margaret Ramsey  7 Jun 1919South Australia, Australia I44025
20 NEWMAN, William  1885South Australia, Australia I4000
21 NEWMAN, William  8 Feb 1923South Australia, Australia I29538
22 NEWMAN, William George  1924South Australia, Australia I38829
23 NEWMAN, William George  20 Jan 1924South Australia, Australia I29537
24 NOBLET, James  1906South Australia, Australia I20646
25 TAME, Alma Amy  12 Jan 1933South Australia, Australia I34225
26 TAYLOR, Francis  1 Feb 1984South Australia, Australia I34297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sarah  May 1928South Australia, Australia I29540
2 NEWMAN, Frederick William  29 Mar 1911South Australia, Australia I29535
3 NEWMAN, William  Feb 1923South Australia, Australia I29538
4 NEWMAN, William George  Jan 1924South Australia, Australia I29537


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 ARBON, Robert  C1860South Australia, Australia I33045
2 FRENCH, Robert  1851South Australia, Australia I14826
3 NEWMAN, Elizabeth  1851South Australia, Australia I2174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 ARBON, Edward  C1850South Australia, Australia I33048
2 ARBON, Robert  C1850South Australia, Australia I33045
3 ARBON, Thomas  1847South Australia, Australia I20644
4 GROTE, Hannah  24 Nov 1845South Australia, Australia I20481
5 NEWMAN, George Guess  24 Nov 1845South Australia, Australia I14955
6 NEWMAN, Kezia  24 Nov 1845South Australia, Australia I20482
7 NEWMAN, Sarah  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I5343
8 NEWMAN, Thomas  1840South Australia, Australia I43712
9 NEWMAN, William  24 Nov 1845South Australia, Australia I4000
10 NEWMAN, William  C1875South Australia, Australia I29534
11 RUDGLEY, Thomas  18 Jan 1866South Australia, Australia I5344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 NEWMAN, George  22 Oct 1929South Australia, Australia I38855
2 NEWMAN, William  1888South Australia, Australia I29538


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLENKIRON / NEWMAN  C1900South Australia, Australia F15978
2 BURNLEY / NEWMAN  C1920South Australia, Australia F14289
3 BURNLEY / NEWMAN  C1920South Australia, Australia F14290
4 BUTTERWORTH / NEWMAN  C1890South Australia, Australia F12812
5 CHEFFIRS / NEWMAN  C1890South Australia, Australia F12813
6 DALY / NEWMAN  C1910South Australia, Australia F15981
7 GRAY / NEWMAN  21 Oct 1961South Australia, Australia F6829
8 HEATHCOTE / NEWMAN  C1910South Australia, Australia F15979
9 HERBERT / NESBITT  22 Feb 1855South Australia, Australia F15938
10 HILL / NEWMAN  C1920South Australia, Australia F14291
11 JONES / NEWMAN  1864South Australia, Australia F5232
12 MITCHELL / NEWMAN  1 Dec 1917South Australia, Australia F12836
13 NEWMAN / CARMICHAEL  1877South Australia, Australia F14281
14 NEWMAN / CRAWFORD  C1910South Australia, Australia F15967
15 NEWMAN / CROUCH  C1920South Australia, Australia F15982
16 NEWMAN / DUFTY  C1880South Australia, Australia F15966
17 NEWMAN / HILL  C1910South Australia, Australia F15975
18 NEWMAN / KEARNS  12 Feb 1927South Australia, Australia F12841
19 NEWMAN / MacDONALD  C1930South Australia, Australia F15976
20 NEWMAN / PENNO  13 Oct 1927South Australia, Australia F6828
21 NEWMAN / PITMAN  C1900South Australia, Australia F15974
22 NEWMAN / RICE  10 Dec 1921South Australia, Australia F7599
23 NEWMAN / SPENCER  C1880South Australia, Australia F15977
24 NEWMAN / WILDE  14 Mar 1849South Australia, Australia F7597
25 POPE / NEWMAN  C1870South Australia, Australia F14280
26 ROBERTSEN / NEWMAN  C1910South Australia, Australia F15980
27 SCHUNKE / NEWMAN  C1930South Australia, Australia F15983
28 SMITH / CARTER  10 May 1923South Australia, Australia F6834
29 WATSON / NEWMAN  C1920South Australia, Australia F14288